„The Albanian people will throw themselves in to the flames for their true friends, and the Soviet Union is such a friend of the Albanian people. And these are not empty words. I am expressing here the sentiments of our people and of our Party, and let no one ever think that we love the Soviet Union and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union for the sake of some one's beautiful eyes or to please some individual, but because without the Soviet Union there would be no free life in the world today, fascism and capitalist terror would reign supreme. This is why we love and will always be loyal to the Soviet Union and to the Party of the great Lenin.“

Speeches, Moscow Address

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Энвер Ходжа3
албанский политический деятель, генеральный секретарь ЦК Ал… 1908 - 1985

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„All peoples enjoy freedom, and freedom for the development of their culture… There is no Jewish problem in the Soviet Union at all… I have many friends who are Jews.“

—  Anastas Mikoyan Russian revolutionary and Soviet statesman 1895 - 1978

Statement of January 1959, as quoted in "The Soviet Government and the Jews 1948-1967" (1984), p. 66

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„This, then, was the American people's first experience of a new social phenomenon that had come upon the world, their introductory education about the Soviet Union and this thing called "communism."“

—  William Blum American author and historian 1933 - 2018

The students have never recovered from the lesson. Neither has the Soviet Union.
Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II, Introduction

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