„Q: I have read that you also, at least sometimes, had a chain around your neck, and you were tied to a tree?
A: M-hm. Most of the time, I would say.
Q: Were you tortured?
A: There are things that I don't want to talk about.
Q: Were there any other women among the hostages?
A: There were more women among the hostages, but the last four years of my captivity I was the only woman on the camp, so it was very difficult.“

—  Ингрид Бетанкур, Reference http://svtplay.se/v/1416302/rakt_pa_med_kg_bergstrom/1_av_10?cb,a1364145,1,f,103521/pb,a1364142,1,f,103521/pl,v,,1430389/sb,p103521,1,f,-1
Ингрид Бетанкур фото
Ингрид Бетанкур
колумбийский политик 1961

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„You are eternity's hostage
A captive of time.“

—  Borís Pasternak Russian writer 1890 - 1960
Context: Don't sleep, don't sleep, artist, Don't give in to sleep. You are eternity's hostage A captive of time. Poem "Night" (Ночь), from When the Weather Clears (Kogda razgulyaetsya, 1957) — as quoted in One Less Hope: Essays on Twentieth-century Russian Poets (2006) by Constantin V. Ponomareff, p. 130

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„I came where there were three or four poor Women sitting at a door in the Sun, and talking about the things of God“

—  John Bunyan English Christian writer and preacher 1628 - 1688
Context: [I]n one of the streets of [Bedford], I came where there were three or four poor Women sitting at a door in the Sun, and talking about the things of God; and being now willing to hear them discourse I drew near... for I was now a brisk Talker also myself in the matters of Religion. But... I heard, but I understood not; for they were far above, out of my reach. Their talk was about a new Birth, the work of God on their hearts... They talked how God had visited their souls with his love in the Lord Jesus, and with what words and promises they had been refreshed, comforted, and supported against the temptations... And methought they spake as if Joy did make them speak, they spake with such pleasantness of Scripture Language, and with such appearance of grace in all they said, that they were to me as if they had found a new World...<!--pp. 17-18

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„Charles Boarman. a Lieutenant in the Navy of the United States, being duly sworn, according to law, deposes and says:
:Q. In what capacity did you serve in the squadron under the command of Captain Porter, and for what period of time?

:A. As lieutenant I commanded the schooner Weasel, from the 20th July, 1824, till the return of Commodore Porter.

:Q. On what particular service were you engaged during that period of time?

:A. From the time of my arrival at St. Barts, on the 15th August, I was employed during the whole time, in convoying and cruising for pirates. Went to Crab Island in pursuit of pirates — captured a boat; the pirates escaped on shore. In September sailed from Havana for the Gulf of Mexico, convoying three American vessels; arrived at Campeachy; sailed to Alvarado, and made my report of the 5th December, (read and annexed;) thence sailed to Tampico, inquiring after pirates, and furnishing protection to our commerce; and having fulfilled my orders, took on board specie for the United States, arrived at the Havana, and made my report of the 21st January, 1825.

:Q. During this time, what amount of specie did you carry on freight, from, and to, what ports?

:A. I carried about $65,000 from Tampico, shipped for New York: about $20,000 of it was subject to the order of a merchant at Havana, and was there transferred to an English frigate; of this about $14,000 was shipped by an American house, and a part of the money was shipped by Spaniards. At Havana from three to four thousand dollars was put on board, and landed at Norfolk.

:Q. What amount of freight was paid for this transportation, and how was it appropriated?

:A. About $1,200 was paid; one-third I gave to Commodore Porter, and the residue I retained.

:Q. Did this canning of specie interfere in any manner with your attention to the suppression of piracy, and the protection of American commerce?

:A. Not in the least. I was offered money at Campeachy to carry to the United States, but would receive none until 1 had completed my cruise, and was on the eve of returning to the United States; and I sailed as soon as I should have done had I carried no specie.

:Q. Did the general protection of American property and commerce, and the suppression of piracy, require the presence of an American force in the Gulf of Mexico as frequently as it was sent there, and at the places to which it was sent?

:A. I think so. During the period of from two to three months that I was there, there was no other vessel of the squadron there.

:Q. Was everything done by the squadron which could be done, for the suppression of piracy?

:A. My opinion is, that all was done that could be done to suppress it.

:Q. Is there any other matter within your knowledge material to this inquiry?

:A. Nothing.

:- Testimony of Lieutenant Charles Boarman at the naval court of inquiry and court martial of Captain David Porter (July 7, 1825)“

—  Charles Boarman US Navy Rear Admiral 1795 - 1879

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„You know, the last time I was on [the show], we were talking about colonics and this is a little step up.“

—  Gillian Anderson American-British film, television and theatre actress, activist and writer 1968
To Letterman, after they lengthily kissed during the Late Night with David Letterman — "Gillian Anderson Kisses Letterman" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPLlDZ2uJXY (May 10, 2002)

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„I was once more in a time which the things around me were changing and that is how I wanted it to be for the rest of my days.“

—  Paulo Coelho Brazilian lyricist and novelist 1947
Context: That is how I would have acted before my accident, but now my personal history had become unimportant. It had stopped being history and was once more becoming a legend, a search, an adventure, a journey into and away from myself. I was once more in a time which the things around me were changing and that is how I wanted it to be for the rest of my days. p. 272.

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