„Obey your bishop! “Obey those set over you [Heb 13:17],” the teachers of the Church…. I remind you, my dear friends, of what I said when I was with you: do not receive any outside or unknown preacher, unless he be sent by your bishop or preaches with the permission of the pope. For “how shall they preach unless they are sent [Rom 10:15]?”“

Bernard of Clairvaux on the Life of the Mind, John R. Sommerfeldt, Newman Press (2004) ISBN 0809142031 ISBN 9780809142033, p. 67

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„If you wind up with a boring, miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on TV telling you how to do your shit, then YOU DESERVE IT.“

—  Frank Zappa American musician, songwriter, composer, and record and film producer 1940 - 1993

p. 233.
Вариант: If you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit, then you deserve it.

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„I spent all my time at school in the library. Bad teachers can teach you to learn on your own.“

—  Gregory Colbert Canadian photographer 1960

"Dances With Whales" by Alan Riding in The New York Times (22 April 2002)

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„If you ask me:"An openly homosexual teacher can work as a teacher? I say no. (…) I'll not do anything to discriminate you, but I'll also not do anything to put your type of relationship on the same level of the natural family.“

—  Gianfranco Fini Italian politician 1952

Fini: un gay non puo' fare il maestro http://archiviostorico.corriere.it/1998/aprile/09/Fini_gay_non_puo_fare_co_0_9804094008.shtml, Il Corriere della Sera, 9 April 1998.

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“