„Be kind to each other in your homes. Be kind to those who surround you. I prefer that you make mistakes in kindness rather than that you work miracles in unkindness. Often just for one word, one look, one quick action, and darkness fills the heart of the one we love.“

Quoted in: Charlotte Gray. Mother Teresa: Her Mission to Serve God by Caring for the Poor. G. Stevens, (1988), p. 53

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Мать Тереза фото
Мать Тереза53
католическая монахиня, организатор "домов умирающих", лауре… 1910 - 1997

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„Their cause I plead,—plead it in heart and mind;
A fellow-feeling makes one wondrous kind.“

—  David Garrick English actor, playwright, theatre manager and producer 1717 - 1779

Prologue on Quitting the Stage in 1776. Compare: "I would help others, out of a fellow-feeling", Robert Burton, Anatomy of Melancholy. Democritus to the Reader.

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