„King Pandion, he is dead,
All thy friends are lapped in lead.“

Ode, l. 23.
Poems: In Divers Humours (1598)

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Richard Barnfield8
English poet 1574 - 1627

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„The king dead is a living god.“

—  Julian Jaynes, книга The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind

Book I, Chapter 6, p. 143 ( See also: Rene Girard, and James George Frazer)
The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind (1976)

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„I have never thought there was much to be said in favor of dragging on long after all one's friends were dead.“

—  Murasaki Shikibu, книга The Tale of Genji

Источник: Tale of Genji, The Tale of Genji, trans. Arthur Waley, Ch. 29: The Royal Visit

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„Absent or dead, still let a friend be dear.“

—  Alexander Pope eighteenth century English poet 1688 - 1744

"Epistle to Robert, Earl of Oxford and Mortimer" (1721).

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„These people are not interested in creative destruction, they are only interested in destruction. That leads to gas chambers. That leads to, uh, guillotines. That leads to millions dead. That leads to Mao. That leads to totalitarianism. Every. Single. Time.“

—  Glenn Beck U.S. talk radio and television host 1964

The Glenn Beck Program
Premiere Radio Networks
Beck: Occupy Wall Street Is "Only Interested In Destruction," Which "Leads To Gas Chambers," "Guillotines," "Mao"
Media Matters for America
regarding Occupy Wall Street protests
2010s, 2011

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„The hand that signed the paper felled a city;
Five sovereign fingers taxed the breath,
Doubled the globe of dead and halved a country;
These five kings did a king to death.“

—  Dylan Thomas Welsh poet and writer 1914 - 1953

" The Hand that Signed the Paper Felled a City http://www.internal.org/view_poem.phtml?poemID=98", st. 1 (1936)

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„though every friend be fled,
Lo! Envy waits, that lover of the dead.“

—  Thomas Tickell English poet and man of letters 1685 - 1740

On the Death of the Earl of Cadogan.

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