„I just made pictures I would've liked to see.“

—  Билли Уайлдер, As quoted in "Billy Wilder" at The Indian Prairie Public Library http://www.indianprairie.lib.il.us/images/stories/Movies_Music_More/wilder1.pdf

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Brian Keith фото
Oskar Kokoschka фото
Robert Rauschenberg фото

„I think a picture is more like the real world when it is made out of the real world.“

—  Robert Rauschenberg American artist 1925 - 2008
Quoted in: Kenneth Coutts-Smith (1970) The dream of Icarus, p. 53

„At the time of making a picture, I want not to know what I am doing.; a picture should me made with feeling, not with knowing.“

—  Hans Hofmann American artist 1880 - 1966
Quote from an interview with w:Elaine de Kooning, 'Hans Hofmann paints a picture', 1950; in Artnews, February 1950, 38 (article 38-41 and 58-59)

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Aaron Allston фото
John Mayer фото

„I know if it was the Time 99, I would've been off the list.“

—  John Mayer guitarist and singer/songwriter 1977
On making the 2007 TIME 100 Graff, Gary (July 2, 2007). "Summer tour is hardly work for now laid-back heartthrob" http://www.sunjournal.com/story/219261-3/Entertainment/Summer_tour_is_hardly_work_for_now_laidback_heartthrob/ (accessed July 2, 2007)

Larry Page фото

„I don't know how long I would've stayed, to be honest.“

—  Larry Page American computer scientist and Internet entrepreneur 1973
theguardian.com http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/jul/07/google-founders-larry-page-sergey-brin-interview

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Andy Warhol фото
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Ellsworth Kelly фото

„I made the photographs just like I draw... I wanted the photographs [Kelly made circa 1950 in Paris] to be enlightening to my art..“

—  Ellsworth Kelly American painter, sculptor, and printmaker 1923 - 2015
p. 21 : 'Kelly in conversation, summers 1985 and 1986' In: 'Kelly in conversation, summers 1985 and 1986'; ed. Diane Upright, "Ellsworth Kelly: Works on Paper", Harry N. Inc., Publishers, New York, in association with the Fort Worth Art Museum, New York, 1987 p. 21

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Syd Barrett фото
Alfred Hitchcock фото

„The Birds could be the most terrifying motion picture I have ever made.“

—  Alfred Hitchcock British filmmaker 1899 - 1980
Movie trailer for the 1960s film The Birds.