„A collection of records may be the result of professional knowledge, research, and skill, just as a collection of curiosities is the result of the skill and knowledge of the antiquarian or virtuoso.“

Lyell v. Kennedy (1884), L. R. 27 C. D. 31.

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Charles Bowen20
English judge 1835 - 1894

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„To conceive of knowledge as a collection of information seems to rob the concept of all of its life. Knowledge resides in the user and not in the collection. It is how the user reacts to a collection of information that matters.“

—  C. West Churchman American philosopher and systems scientist 1913 - 2004

Источник: 1960s - 1970s, The Design of Inquiring Systems (1971), p. 10; cited in Daniel J. Power (2004) Decision Support Systems: Frequently Asked Questions, p. 23

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„On behalf of the British people I salute the skill and courage which have brought man to the moon. May this endeavour increase the knowledge and well-being of mankind.“

—  Isabel II do Reino Unido queen of the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and head of the Commonwealth of Nations 1926

Message left on the moon by the crew of Apollo 11; NASA documentation http://history.nasa.gov/ap11-35ann/goodwill/Apollo_11_material.pdf#page=34 (13 July 1969)

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„All [knowledge] comes from experience, it is true, but experience is nothing if it does not form collections of similar facts. Now, to make collections is to count.“

—  Pierre Charles Alexandre Louis French physician 1787 - 1872

Letter to Jean Cruveilhier (1837), as quoted by William Coleman, Death is a Social Disease: Public Health and Political Economy in Early Industrial France (1982)

„We reduce the complexity of the variety of the world in experiments whose results are validated by their repeatability, and we may build knowledge by the refutation of hypotheses.“

—  Peter Checkland British management scientist 1930

Источник: Systems Thinking, Systems Practice, 1981, p. 51 cited in: Rosário Macário (2011) Managing Urban Mobility Systems. p. 52

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„Habit is the intersection of knowledge (what to do), skill (how to do), and desire (want to do).“

—  Stephen R. Covey, книга The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Источник: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

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„More skillful in self-knowledge, even more pure,
As tempted more; more able to endure,
As more exposed to suffering and distress.“

—  William Wordsworth English Romantic poet 1770 - 1850

Источник: Character of the Happy Warrior http://www.bartleby.com/145/ww302.html (1806), Line 23.

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„We define a semantic network as "the collection of all the relationships that concepts have to other concepts, to percepts, to procedures, and to motor mechanisms" of the knowledge."“

—  John F. Sowa artificial intelligence researcher 1940

Источник: Conceptual Structures, 1984, p. 76 as cited in: Jacques Demongeot (1988) Artificial intelligence and cognitive sciences. p. 179

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