„Predictive social science does not exist. Indeed, it seems to me that it cannot ever exist, since the behaviour to be predicted reacts to and is partly shaped by the words used by the predictors.“

Discrepancies among the Social Sciences (1981)

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„Science cannot be stopped. Man will gather knowledge no matter what the consequences – and we cannot predict what they will be.“

—  Linus Pauling American scientist 1901 - 1994

Lecture at Yale University, "Chemical Achievement and Hope for the Future." (October 1947) Published in Science in Progress. Sixth Series. Ed. George A. Baitsell. 100-21, (1949).
Контексте: Science cannot be stopped. Man will gather knowledge no matter what the consequences – and we cannot predict what they will be. Science will go on — whether we are pessimistic, or are optimistic, as I am. I know that great, interesting, and valuable discoveries can be made and will be made… But I know also that still more interesting discoveries will be made that I have not the imagination to describe — and I am awaiting them, full of curiosity and enthusiasm.

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„Science could predict that the universe must have had a beginning.“

—  Stephen Hawking, книга Черные дыры и молодые Вселенные

Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays (1993)

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„The paradigm of physics - with its interplay of data, theory and prediction - is the most powerful in science.“

—  Geoffrey West British physicist 1940

Источник: Joao Medeiros. " The city in numbers: An equation that explains urban life http://www.wired.co.uk/magazine/archive/2011/05/start/the-city-in-numbers," in wired.co.uk/magazine 29 March 2011.

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„Ever since Comte first set the agenda of social science, his megalomania lingers on in sociology, political science, and other disciplines.“

—  Thomas Flanagan (political scientist) author, academic, and political activist 1944

Источник: Game Theory and Canadian Politics (1998), Chapter 1, Rational Choice, p. 19.

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„What is the use of having developed a science well enough to make predictions if, in the end, all we're willing to do is stand around and wait for them to come true.“

—  Frank Sherwood Rowland American chemist 1927 - 2012

Cited in Tim Flannery, Atmosphere of Hope. Solutions to the Climate Crisis, Penguin Books, 2015, page 1 ISBN 9780141981048.

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„God does not exist—religion in science is an absurdity, in practice an immorality and in men a disease.“

—  Benito Mussolini Duce and President of the Council of Ministers of Italy. Leader of the National Fascist Party and subsequent Republican… 1883 - 1945

“Religion: Benito a Christian?” Time magazine (August 25, 1924)

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„The confirmations of novel predictions resulting from bold conjectures are very important in the falsificationist account of the growth of science.“

—  Alan Chalmers, книга What Is This Thing Called Science?

Источник: What Is This Thing Called Science? (Third Edition; 1999), Chapter 6, Sophisticated falsification, novel predictions and the growth of science, p. 81.

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„There does not exist a category of science to which one can give the name applied science. There are sciences and the applications of science, bound together as the fruit of the tree which bears it.“

—  Louis Pasteur French chemist and microbiologist 1822 - 1895

Revue Scientifique (1871)
Variant translation: There are no such things as applied sciences, only applications of science.

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