„To be honest, when you're younger and cooler, you say those sort of things don't mean anything, but then on the day when they pat you on the back and they say, "Look, mate, we're noticing what you're doing-thanks very much;' you think of the people who spent a life in the cinema and didn't receive that kind of accolade, and it's sort of a humbling experience. And it's very nice and all that. But it doesn't change the way I do things.“

—  Рассел Кроу, On winning an Oscar for Gladiator.
Рассел Кроу фото
Рассел Кроу2
австралийский деятель искусств 1964

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„Through Google, you can find the horrible things people say about you, and the nice things they say about you. And so I do that regularly to sort of check on it.“

—  Noam Cohen 1999
Interviewed as part of panel discussion — [Andrew, Lih, w:Andrew Lih, Wikimania 2009, Wikimedia Foundation, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:200908281410-Andrew Lih-Challenges of Covering the Wikimedia Community.ogv, October 30, 2014, Challenges of Covering the Wikimedia Community, August 28, 2009]

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„When people thank and tell you how much you've helped them, what they say has nothing to do with you. This is just their way of expressing joy in their own experience. Remember this, too, when people complain or criticize.“

—  Ken McLeod Canadian lama 1948
Wash Your Own Dishes http://musingsbyken.blogspot.com/2007/09/on-teaching.html. Musings Blog http://musingsbyken.blogspot.com. (2007-09-30). (Topic: Life)

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