„Storytelling is very difficult. But adding the flavor helps to relay the storytelling, meaning in a cut scene, with a set camera and effects, you can make the users feel sorrow, or make them happy or laugh. This is an easy approach, which we have been doing. That is one point, the second point is that if I make multiple storylines and allow the users to select which story, this might really sacrifice the deep emotion the user might feel; when there's a concrete storyline, and you kind of go along that rail, you feel the destiny of the story, which at the end, makes you feel more moved. But when you make it interactive — if you want multiple stories where you go one way or another — will that make the player more moved when he or she finishes the game? These two points are really the key which I am thinking about, and if this works, I think I could probably introduce a more interactive storytelling method.“

—  Кодзима, Хидэо, Source: "Hideo Kojima: The Kikizo Interview 2008 (Page 3)". https://web.archive.org/web/20111009180041/http://archive.videogamesdaily.com/features/hideo-kojima-interview-2008-p3.asp Kikizo. August 24, 2008. Archived from the original on October 9, 2011. Retrieved August 7, 2009.
Кодзима, Хидэо фото
Кодзима, Хидэо
Японский геймдизайнер 1963

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