„A sweet attractive kinde of grace,
A full assurance given by lookes,
Continuall comfort in a face
The lineaments of Gospell bookes.“

— Mathew Roydon, An Elegie; or Friend's Passion for his Astrophill, reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919). This piece was errantly ascribed to Edmund Spenser, and was printed in The Phœnix' Nest (1593), where it is anonymous. Todd has shown that it was written by Mathew Roydon.

Mathew Roydon2
English poet 1583 - 1622

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„No spring, nor summer beauty hath such grace,
As I have seen in one autumnal face.“

— John Donne, The Complete Poetry and Selected Prose
No. 9, The Autumnal, line 1

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To see the hue, grace, glory gone
Off the face of my beloved
As I’d wake and be conscious.“

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