„Companies are so immersed in the mentality of saving money that they forget that the whole intention of a project is not to save money but to make money.“

—  Голдратт, Элияху, книга Critical Chain

Critical Chain (1997)

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Red Symons фото

„The best way to save money is not to lose it.“

—  Red Symons Australian broadcaster and musician 1949

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Joan Robinson фото

„It is impossible to add the stock of money to the flow of saving.“

—  Joan Robinson English economist 1903 - 1983

Источник: Contributions to Modern Economics (1978), Chapter 4, The Concept of Hoarding, p. 32

Lil Wayne фото

„Money on my mind, Money money on my mental.“

—  Lil Wayne American rapper, singer, record executive and businessman 1982

Get 'Em
Official Mix tapes, Dedication 2 (2006)

Paulo Coelho фото

„What good is money to you if you're going to die? It's not often that money can save someone's life.“

—  Paulo Coelho, книга The Alchemist

Вариант: Your money saved us for three days. It's not often that money saves a person's life.
Источник: The Alchemist (1988), p. 167 <!-- p. 148 -->

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Gertrude Stein фото
L. Ron Hubbard фото


—  L. Ron Hubbard American science fiction author, philosopher, cult leader, and the founder of the Church of Scientology 1911 - 1986

"Principles of Money Management" (9 March 1972).
Scientology Policy Letters

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Bill Gates фото
Adam Smith фото

„Money, says the proverb, makes money.“

—  Adam Smith Scottish moral philosopher and political economist 1723 - 1790

Источник: The Wealth of Nations (1776), Book I, Chapter IX, p. 111.
Контексте: A great stock, though with small profits, generally increases faster than a small stock with great profits. Money, says the proverb, makes money. When you have a little, it is often easier to get more. The great difficulty is to get that little.

Margaret Atwood фото

„Sanity is a valuable possession; I hoard it the way people once hoarded money. I save it, so I will have enough, when the time comes.“

—  Margaret Atwood, книга The Handmaid's Tale

Источник: The Handmaid’s Tale (1985), Chapter 19 (p. 109)
Источник: The Handmaid's Tale

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Robert Burton фото

„Were it not that they are loath to lay out money on a rope, they would be hanged forthwith, and sometimes die to save charges.“

—  Robert Burton, книга The Anatomy of Melancholy

Section 2, member 3, subsection 12, Covetousness, a Cause.
The Anatomy of Melancholy (1621), Part I

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Malcolm Gladwell фото

„Any fool can spend money. But to earn it and save it and defer gratification—then you learn to value it differently.“

—  Malcolm Gladwell journalist and science writer 1963

Источник: David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants

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Sophocles фото

„Money: There's nothing in the world so demoralizing as money.“

—  Sophocles ancient Greek tragedian -496 - -406 до н.э.

Источник: Antigone, Line 295

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