„I was raised very religious. I always went to church. I am Jewish bloodline but I am Christian faith. I was brought up christian faith rather. I still have very deep beliefs in God and things like that but I don't subscribe to the organized religion that I grew up with.“

—  Блэки Лолесс, Music America Interview
Блэки Лолесс фото
Блэки Лолесс1
американский певец и музыкант 1956

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„Faith is important to me. I wanted to make sure the tone was reverent. I'm just someone who marvels at God. I grew up Catholic, but I'm very comfortable in all religions.“

—  Vera Farmiga American actress 1973
On her directorial debut film Higher Ground, as quoted in " The One-Minute Interview with Vera Farmiga http://www.gq.com/story/vera-farmiga-higher-ground-interview" by Andrew Richdale at GQ (August 25, 2011)

William Moseley (actor) фото

„I do believe in God but I’m not very religious, I’m probably Christianity.“

—  William Moseley (actor) British actor 1987
Interview on Narniafans April 30th, 2006 by Paul Martin http://www.narniafans.com/archives/849

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„I don’t believe in God and all that. But I am Jewish, and very proud to be so, very proud of the culture.“

—  Alan Sugar British business magnate, media personality, and political advisor 1947
From an interview with Sam Wollaston in The Guardian, 25th March 2009.

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„The moral systems of religion, I think, are superimportant. We've raised our kids in a religious way; they've gone to the Catholic church that Melinda goes to and I participate in. I've been very lucky, and therefore I owe it to try and reduce the inequity in the world. And that's kind of a religious belief. I mean, it's at least a moral belief.“

—  Bill Gates American business magnate and philanthropist 1955
The Rolling Stone Interview (2014), Response when he was asked whether he believed in God, at his interview with the Rolling Stone Magazine http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/bill-gates-the-rolling-stone-interview-20140313#ixzz367A061i0. March 27, 2014.

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„… if you must know, I am, of course, by education and by conviction, a Shiite Muslim. I am very much a man of faith.“

—  Reza Pahlavi Last crown prince of the former Imperial State of Iran 1960
Interviews, 2009, As quoted by Deborah Solomon, New York Times: Questions for Reza Pahlavi http://www.rezapahlavi.org/details_article.php?article=379&page=4, The New York Times, June 26, 2009.

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„I don't consider myself a “religious” person at all. I am, however, a person of enormous faith.“

—  Ben Carson 17th and current United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; American neurosurgeon 1951
Take The Risk (2008), p. 134

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„I am of no faith,” said Aenea. “If one defines faith as belief in the supernatural.“

—  Dan Simmons, книга The Rise of Endymion
The Rise of Endymion (1997), Chapter 19 (p. 371)

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Albert Einstein фото

„I am neither a German citizen, nor do I believe in anything that can be described as a "Jewish faith." But I am a Jew and glad to belong to the Jewish people, though I do not regard it in any way as chosen.“

—  Albert Einstein German-born physicist and founder of the theory of relativity 1879 - 1955
1920s, Letter to Central Association of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith, 3 [5] April 1920, as quoted in Alice Calaprice, The Ultimate Quotable Einstein (2010), p. 195; citing Israelitisches Wochenblatt, 42 September 1920, The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Vol. 7, Doc. 37, and Vol. 9, Doc 368.<!-- obviously, parts of this can be taken out of context -->

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“