„"The Sanskrit shall be our " Deva Bhasha)" our sacred language and the "Sanskrit Nishtha" Hindi, the Hindi which is derived from Sanskrit and draws its nourishment from the latter, is our ' 'mr' ' (Rashtra Bhasha) 12 [f.12] our current national language—-besides being the richest and the most cultured of the ancient languages of the world, to us Hindus the Sanskrit is the holiest tongue of tongues. Our scriptures, history, philosophy and culture have their roots so deeply imbedded in the Sanskrit literature that it forms veritably the brain of our Race. Mother of the majority of our mother tongues, she has suckled the rest of them at her breast. All Hindu languages current today whether derived from Sanskrit or grafted on to it can only grow and flourish on the sap of life they imbibe from Sanskrit. The Sanskrit language therefore must ever be an indispensable constituent of the classical course for Hindu youths.“

—  Саваркар, Винаяк Дамодар, V.D. Savarkar quoted from B.R. Ambedkar, Pakistan or The Partition of India (1946)

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„There is no other language which provides answers to complex philosophical questions like epics written in Sanskrit. Be it art, literature, science or technology, people are admitting Sanskrit is most useful.“

—  Rajnath Singh Indian politician 1951
On Sanskrit, as quoted in " Sanskrit Most Useful for Science, Technology, Says Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh https://www.reddit.com/r/india/comments/3i2qoh/sanskrit_most_useful_for_science_technology_says/?ref=search_posts", NDTV (23 August 2015)

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