„Our enemies have always made the same mistake.“

1960s, Inaugural address (1965)
Контексте: Our enemies have always made the same mistake. In my lifetime—in depression and in war—they have awaited our defeat. Each time, from the secret places of the American heart, came forth the faith they could not see or that they could not even imagine. It brought us victory. And it will again. For this is what America is all about. It is the uncrossed desert and the unclimbed ridge. It is the star that is not reached and the harvest sleeping in the unplowed ground. Is our world gone? We say "Farewell." Is a new world coming? We welcome it—and we will bend it to the hopes of man.

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Линдон Джонсон фото
Линдон Джонсон15
37-й Вице-президент США и 36-й Президент США 1908 - 1973

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Josip Broz Tito фото

„Churchill, he is a great man. He is, of course, our enemy and has always been the enemy of Communism, but he is an enemy one must respect, an enemy one likes to have.“

—  Josip Broz Tito Yugoslav revolutionary and statesman 1892 - 1980

Jasper Ridley, Tito: A Biography (Constable and Company Ltd., 1994), p. 323.

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„I always made one prayer to God, a very short one. Here it is: "O Lord, make our enemies quite ridiculous!" God granted it.“

—  Voltaire French writer, historian, and philosopher 1694 - 1778

J'ai toujours fait une prière à Dieu, qui est fort courte. La voici: Mon Dieu, rendez nos ennemis bien ridicules! Dieu m'a exaucé.
Letter to Étienne Noël Damilaville (16 May 1767)

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„They have made a grave mistake choosing that woman.“

—  Edward Heath Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1970–1974) 1916 - 2005

On Margaret Thatcher's election to the leadership of the Tory Party, 1975.[citation needed]
Post-Prime Ministerial

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Pythagoras фото

„We ought so to behave to one another as to avoid making enemies of our friends, and at the same time to make friends of our enemies.“

—  Pythagoras ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher -585 - -495 до н.э.

As quoted in Diogenes Laërtius, Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers, "Pythagoras", Sect. 23, as translated in Dictionary of Quotations http://archive.org/details/dictionaryquota02harbgoog (1906) by Thomas Benfield Harbottle, p. 320
Добавить примечание: (el) ἀλλήλοις θ᾽ ὁμιλεῖν, ὡς τοὺς μὲν φίλους ἐχθροὺς μὴ ποιῆσαι, τοὺς δ᾽ ἐχθροὺς φίλους ἐργάσασθαι. ἴδιόν τε μηδὲν ἡγεῖσθαι.

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„Our policy was to provide an affluent life for the people. There were mistakes made in carrying it out. Several thousand people may have died.“

—  Pol Pot former General Secretary of the Communist Party of Kampuchea 1925 - 1998

Interview with Robert Whytman for The Guardian (11 December 1979)

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„We tell our young managers: 'Don't be afraid to make a mistake. But make sure you don't make the same mistake twice.“

—  Akio Morita Japanese businessman 1921 - 1999

Akio Morita, cited in: Nick Lyons (1976) The Sony vision. p. 101.

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„It is the greatest mistake to think that man is always one and the same. A man is never the same for long. He is continually changing. He seldom remains the same even for half an hour.“

—  G. I. Gurdjieff influential spiritual teacher, Armenian philosopher, composer and writer 1866 - 1949

In Search of the Miraculous (1949)

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„I never criticized United States planners for mistakes in Vietnam. True, they made some mistakes, but my criticism was always aimed at what they aimed to do and largely achieved.“

—  Noam Chomsky american linguist, philosopher and activist 1928

Quotes 1990s, 1990-1994, Noam Chomsky: A Life of Dissent, 1992
Контексте: I never criticized United States planners for mistakes in Vietnam. True, they made some mistakes, but my criticism was always aimed at what they aimed to do and largely achieved. The Russians doubtless made mistakes in Afghanistan, but my condemnation of their aggression and atrocities never mentioned those mistakes, which are irrelevant to the matter -- though not for the commissars. Within our ideological system, it is impossible to perceive that anyone might criticize anything but "mistakes" (I suspect that totalitarian Russia was more open in that regard).

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„If we would despise the enemy, our thoughts must always be of God and our souls always glad with hope.“

—  Anthony the Great Christian saint, monk, and hermit 251 - 357

Book II, Chapter 10
From St. Athanasius' Life of St. Antony

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„When I was in the military I always made it my first mission to burn the enemy's crops!“

—  William J. Crowe United States admiral 1925 - 2007

After being caught smoking a Havana cigar in the embassy, he was accused of breaking his country's strict embargo on all things Cuban.
The Times Obituary http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/obituaries/article2718310.ece (23 October 2007).

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Mao Zedong фото

„Stalin made mistakes. He made mistakes towards us, for example, in 1927. He made mistakes towards the Yugoslavs too. One cannot advance without mistakes… It is necessary to make mistakes. The party cannot be educated without learning from mistakes. This has great significance.“

—  Mao Zedong Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China 1893 - 1976

Said to Enver Hoxha, on his visit to China in 1956, as quoted in Hoxha's (1986) The Artful Albanian, (Chatto & Windus, London), ISBN 0701129700

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Charles Evans Hughes фото

„No greater mistake can be made than to think that our institutions are fixed or may not be changed for the worse.“

—  Charles Evans Hughes American judge 1862 - 1948

Conditions of Progress in Democratic Government (1909).
Контексте: No greater mistake can be made than to think that our institutions are fixed or may not be changed for the worse. … Increasing prosperity tends to breed indifference and to corrupt moral soundness. Glaring inequalities in condition create discontent and strain the democratic relation. The vicious are the willing, and the ignorant are unconscious instruments of political artifice. Selfishness and demagoguery take advantage of liberty. The selfish hand constantly seeks to control government, and every increase of governmental power, even to meet just needs, furnishes opportunity for abuse and stimulates the effort to bend it to improper uses... The peril of this Nation is not in any foreign foe! We, the people, are its power, its peril, and its hope!

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Franklin D. Roosevelt фото

„My friends, judge me by the enemies I have made.“

—  Franklin D. Roosevelt 32nd President of the United States 1882 - 1945

Speech made on the campaign trail in Portland, Oregon (21 September 1932)

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