„Dealing with answered questions is the privilege of brains constructed like a cow's stomach, which, as we know, is built to digest cud.“

On Literature, Revolution, Entropy and Other Matters (1923)
Контексте: It is an error to divide people into the living and the dead: there are people who are dead-alive, and people who are alive-alive. The dead-alive also write, walk, speak, act. But they make no mistakes; only machines make no mistakes, and they produce only dead things. The alive-alive are constantly in error, in search, in questions, in torment.
The same is true of what we write: it walks and it talks, but it can be dead-alive or alive-alive. What is truly alive stops before nothing and ceaselessly seeks answers to absurd, "childish" questions. Let the answers be wrong, let the philosophy be mistaken — errors are more valuable than truths: truth is of the machine, error is alive; truth reassures, error disturbs. And if answers be impossible of attainment, all the better! Dealing with answered questions is the privilege of brains constructed like a cow's stomach, which, as we know, is built to digest cud.

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русский писатель, критик и публицист 1884 - 1937

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„The brain is a mystery; it has been and still will be. How does the brain produce thoughts? That is the central question and we have still no answer to it.“

—  Charles Scott Sherrington English neurophysiologist and Nobel Prize recipient 1857 - 1952

As quoted in the article The Human Brain — Three Pounds of Mystery, in 'The Watchtower' magazine (15 July 1978)

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„If, in order to obtain a correct and complete answer to a given question, all other things being equal, one construction requires a shorter observation time than another construction, we can say that it is more efficient for this question.“

—  Jacques Bertin French geographer and cartographer 1918 - 2010

Источник: Semiology of graphics (1967/83), p. 139: Bertin’s definition of efficiency as cited in: Naomi B. Robbins (2009) Creating More Effective Graphs http://www.ssc.ca/ottawa/documents/SSO2009FallRobbins.pdf

„The simple answer to the question with which we began is that we do not know whether democracy fosters or hinders economic growth.“

—  Adam Przeworski Polish-American academic 1940

Adam Przeworski and Fernando Limongi, The Journal of Economic Perspectives (Summer, 1993)

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„What is the question, to which this is the answer?“

—  Nancy Kopell American mathematician 1942

In an interview on DSweb. https://dsweb.siam.org/The-Magazine/Article/interview-with-nancy-kopell Also quoted by Alexandros Gelastopoulos in Synchronization properties and functional implications of parietal beta1 rhythm. https://open.bu.edu/handle/2144/38796 Doctoral dissertation, Boston University (2019). Preface.

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„I don't know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.“

—  Woody Allen American screenwriter, director, actor, comedian, author, playwright, and musician 1935

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„There were a significant number of questions I had asked myself and, as you know, when you really ask yourself the questions, you give better answers than if we merely read the conventional answers.“

—  Albert Messiah French physicist 1921 - 2013

Il y avait un nombre important de questions que je m'étais posées et, comme vous le savez, lorsqu'on se pose vraiment les questions, on donne de meilleures réponses que si l'on se contente de lire les réponses convenues.
explaining how he came to write his textbook on quantum mechanics, in Descente au coeur de la matière, an interview edited by [Stéphane Deligeorges, Le monde quantique, Editions du Seuil, Sciences et Avenir, 1984, 2020089084, 111]

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„The more significant the question, the less likely there will be an unequivocal answer.“

—  Marilyn Ferguson American writer 1938 - 2008

The Aquarian Conspiracy (1980), Chapter Four, People Changing

„Far better an approximate answer to the right question, which is often vague, than an exact answer to the wrong question, which can always be made precise.“

—  John Tukey American mathematician 1915 - 2000

The future of data analysis. Annals of Mathematical Statistics 33 (1), (1962), page 13.
Вариант: "An approximate answer to the right question is worth a great deal more than a precise answer to the wrong question." "as the renowned statistician John Tukey once reportedly said," according to Super Freakonomics page 224.

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