„Know that however ugly the parts appear
the whole remains beautiful.“

"The Answer" (1936)
Контексте: Know that however ugly the parts appear
the whole remains beautiful. A severed hand
Is an ugly thing and man dissevered from the earth and stars
and his history... for contemplation or in fact...
Often appears atrociously ugly. Integrity is wholeness,
the greatest beauty is
Organic wholeness, the wholeness of life and things, the divine beauty
of the universe. Love that, not man
Apart from that, or else you will share man's pitiful confusions,
or drown in despair when his days darken.

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Робинсон Джефферс1
американский поэт 1887 - 1962

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„The truth, however ugly in itself, is always curious and beautiful to seekers after it.“

—  Agatha Christie, книга The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

Hercule Poirot
Источник: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (1926)
Контексте: Understand this, I mean to arrive at the truth. The truth, however ugly in itself, is always curious and beautiful to seekers after it.

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„Gold gives an appearance of beauty even to ugliness:
But with poverty everything becomes frightful.“

—  Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux French poet and critic 1636 - 1711

L'or même à la laideur donne un teint de beauté :
Mais tout devient affreux avec la pauvreté.
Satire 8, l. 209
Satires (1716)

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„What in the whole denotes a causal equilibrium process, appears for the part as a teleological event.“

—  Ludwig von Bertalanffy austrian biologist and philosopher 1901 - 1972

Bertalanffy (1929, p. 306) cited in: Cliff Hooker ed. (2011) Philosophy of Complex Systems. p. 190

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„Beauty can be mask for ugliness.“

—  Michael Harrington, книга The Other America

Источник: The Other America (1962), Ch. 2

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„A woman who cannot be ugly is not beautiful.“

—  Karl Kraus Czech playwright and publicist 1874 - 1936

Half-Truths and One-And-A-Half Truths (1976)

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„To find beauty in ugliness is the province of the poet.“

—  Thomas Hardy English novelist and poet 1840 - 1928

Statement (5 August 1888), as quoted in The life of Thomas Hardy 1840-1928 (1962) by Florence Emily Hardy

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„The beautiful are shyer than the ugly, for they move in a world that does not ask for beauty.“

—  Ned Rorem American composer 1923

[Who's Who in Contemporary Gay & Lesbian History: From World War II to the Present Day, ISBN 041522974X, 2001, Aldrich, Robert and Wotherspoon, Gary (eds)]

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„It is better to be beautiful then to be good, but it is better to be good then to be ugly.“

—  Oscar Wilde Irish writer and poet 1854 - 1900

Вариант: It is better to be beautiful than to be good, but it is better to be good than to be ugly.

man’s “ugly” is another man’s “beautiful.“

—  Sherry Argov American writer 1977

Источник: Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl—A Woman's Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship

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„Life is neither ugly nor beautiful, but it's original!“

—  Italo Svevo, книга Zeno's Conscience

Источник: La coscienza di Zeno (1923), P. 275; p. 330.

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