„The ego rules the mind because it links the “I” with the mind and body“

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Book II, 2008
Контексте: The ego rules the mind because it links the “I” with the mind and body. If the “I,” which is another name for the self, were not identified with the mind and body, the ego would have no power. Self-study [svadhyaya], therefore, is the set of practices that investigates the nature of the self to discover its origin. When the origin is found to be separate from the body, the ego loses the battle and peace is attain. (Bk. II, Sutra 1, p.5)

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Baba Hari Dass63
master yogi, author, builder, commentator of Indian spiritu… 1923 - 2018

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„The ego has no form and no particular center of existence. It pervades the mind, intellect, senses, and the body as 'I am.“

—  Baba Hari Dass master yogi, author, builder, commentator of Indian spiritual tradition 1923 - 2018

Источник: The Path to Enlightenment is not a Highway, 1996, p.65

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„All our power lies in both mind and body; we employ the mind to rule, the body rather to serve; the one we have in common with the Gods, the other with the brutes.“

—  Sallust Roman historian, politician -86 - -34 до н.э.

Добавить примечание: (la) Sed nostra omnis vis in animo et corpore sita est; animi imperio, corporis servitio magis utimur; alterum nobis cum dis, alterum cum beluis commune est.
Источник: Bellum Catilinae (c. 44 BC), Chapter I

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„Tackle football is a body-mind sport; flag football is a mind-body sport.“

—  Warren Farrell author, spokesperson, expert witness, political candidate 1943

Источник: The Boy Crisis (2018), pp. 253

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„Hypnosis is the epitome of mind-body medicine. It can enable the mind to tell the body how to react, and modify the messages that the body sends to the mind.“

—  Jane E. Brody American writer 1941

"The Possibilities in Hypnosis, Where the Patient Has the Power", in The New York Times (3 November 2008) http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/04/health/04brody.html?_r=0

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„A monkey's transformed body weds the human mind.
Mind is a monkey—this, the truth profound.“

—  Wú Chéng'ēn Chinese writer 1500 - 1582

Commentarial verses in chapter 7
Journey to the West [Xiyouji] (1592)

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„Mind is a captive of the body.“

—  Camille Paglia American writer 1947

Источник: Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson (1990), p. 17

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„We identify ourselves with our mind and body. But we are neither the mind nor the body.“

—  Dada Vaswani Spiritual leader 1918 - 2018

Источник: http://www.indiawest.com/news/global_indian/spiritual-luminary-dada-vaswani-mesmerizes-silicon-valley/article_54fe6fe4-194d-11e6-a37a-83023f64bbe9.html

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„Obscenity only comes in when the mind despises and fears the body, and the body hates and resists the mind.“

—  D.H. Lawrence, книга Любовник леди Чаттерлей

Источник: Lady Chatterley's Lover

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