„You must acquire the best knowledge first, and without delay; it is the height of madness to learn what you will later have to unlearn.“

Letter to Christian Northoff (1497), as translated in Collected Works of Erasmus (1974), p. 114

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Эразм Роттердамский фото
Эразм Роттердамский49
крупнейший учёный Северного Возрождения 1466 - 1536

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Diogenes Laërtius фото

„When asked what learning was the most necessary, he said, "Not to unlearn what you have learned."“

—  Diogenes Laërtius biographer of ancient Greek philosophers 180 - 240

Antisthenes, 4.
The Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers (c. 200 A.D.), Book 6: The Cynics

Girolamo Cardano фото

„This is the knowledge I was able to acquire and learn without any elementary schooling“

—  Girolamo Cardano Italian Renaissance mathematician, physician, astrologer 1501 - 1576

The Book of My Life (1930)
Контексте: My father, in my earliest childhood, taught me the rudiments of arithmetic, and about that time made me acquainted with the arcana; whence he had come by this learning I know not. This was about my ninth year. Shortly after, he instructed me in the elements of the astronomy of Arabia, meanwhile trying to instill in me some system of theory for memorizing, for I had been poorly endowed with the ability to remember. After I was twelve years old he taught me the first six books of Euclid, but in such a manner that he expended no effort on such parts as I was able to understand by myself.
This is the knowledge I was able to acquire and learn without any elementary schooling...<!--Ch. 34

Larry Niven фото

„Half of wisdom is learning what to unlearn.“

—  Larry Niven, книга The Ringworld Throne

The Ringworld Throne (1996)

Gloria Steinem фото
Michael Jordan фото

„To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail.“

—  Michael Jordan American retired professional basketball player and businessman 1963

John Lennon фото

„First you must learn to smile as you kill.“

—  John Lennon English singer and songwriter 1940 - 1980

"Working Class Hero"

Marilyn vos Savant фото

„To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.“

—  Marilyn vos Savant US American magazine columnist, author and lecturer 1946

As quoted in Courage: the heart and spirit of every woman : reclaiming the forgotten virtue (2001) by Sandra Ford Walston

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George Washington Plunkitt фото
Martin Buber фото

„To be old is a glorious thing when one has not unlearned what it means to begin, this old man had perhaps first learned it thoroughly in old age.“

—  Martin Buber German Jewish Existentialist philosopher and theologian 1878 - 1965

Источник: Eclipse of God: Studies in the Relation Between Religion and Philosophy (1952), p. 6

Laurence Olivier фото

„If I wasn't an actor, I think I'd have gone mad. You have to have extra voltage, some extra temperament to reach certain heights.“

—  Laurence Olivier British actor, director and producer 1907 - 1989

As quoted in Laurence Olivier (1979) by Foster Hirsch, p. 166
Контексте: If I wasn't an actor, I think I'd have gone mad. You have to have extra voltage, some extra temperament to reach certain heights. Art is a little bit larger than life — it's an exhalation of life and I think you probably need a little touch of madness.

Nagarjuna фото

„If you desire ease, forsake learning.
If you desire learning, forsake ease.
How can the man at his ease acquire knowledge,
And how can the earnest student enjoy ease?“

—  Nagarjuna Indian philosopher 150 - 250

The Tree of Wisdom http://books.google.com/books?id=d3TX5peeoSsC&pg=PP17&dq=%22If+you+desire+ease+forsake+learning+If+you+desire+learning+forsake+ease+How+can+the+man+at+his+ease+acquire+knowledge+And+how+can+the+earnest+student+enjoy+ease%22

Antisthenes фото
Antisthenes фото

„Being asked what learning is the most necessary, he replied, "How to get rid of having anything to unlearn."“

—  Antisthenes Greek philosopher -444 - -365 до н.э.

§ 7
From Lives and Opinions of the Eminent Philosophers by Diogenes Laërtius
Добавить примечание: (el) ἐρωτηθεὶς τί τῶν μαθημάτων ἀναγκαιότατον, “τὸ περιαιρεῖν,” ἔφη, “τὸ ἀπομανθάνειν.”

Henry St John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke фото

„You must learn to use each man to his best advantage“

—  David Gemmell, книга Quest for Lost Heroes

Источник: Drenai series, Quest for Lost Heroes, Ch. 1
Контексте: Why must I have the Piglet?' 'Because you are the best.' 'I do not understand.' 'Teach him.' 'And who teaches me?' ' As an officer, my lord, you will have many men under your command and not all will be gifted. You must learn to use each man to his best advantage...

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Stephen Spender фото

„All the lessons learned, unlearned“

—  Stephen Spender English poet and man of letters 1909 - 1995

"Fall of a City"
Selected Poems (1941)
Контексте: All the lessons learned, unlearned;
The young, who learned to read, now blind
Their eyes with an archaic film;
The peasant relapses to a stumbling tune
Following the donkey`s bray;
These only remember to forget. But somewhere some word presses
On the high door of a skull and in some corner
Of an irrefrangible eye
Some old man memory jumps to a child
— Spark from the days of energy.
And the child hoards it like a bitter toy.

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