„Writing poetry, then, is an unsocial way of manufacturing a thoroughly social product.“

—  Ричард Уилбер, National Book Award Acceptance Speech (1957), Context: Writing poetry, then, is an unsocial way of manufacturing a thoroughly social product. Because he must shield his poetry in its creation, the poet, more than other writers, will write without recognition. And because his product is not in great demand, he is likely to look on honors and distinctions with the feigned indifference of the wallflower. Yet of course he is pleased when recognition comes; for what better proof is there that for some people poetry is still a useful and necessary thing — like a shoe.

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„[the task of material culture is] to shed light on the tasks of production in our country, and also to discover the place of the artist-constructor in production, in relation to improving the quality both of the manufactured product and of the organization of the new way of life in general.“

—  Vladimir Tatlin Russian artist 1885 - 1953
Quotes, 1910 - 1925, Quote, May 1924; from Tatlin's lecture on 'Material Culture and Its Role in the Production of Life in the USSR'; as quoted by Larissa A. Zhadova, ed., Tatlin, trans. Paul Filotas et al; Thames and Hudson, London, 1988, p. 252 In May 1924, right in the middle of N.E.P., Tatlin offered his synoptic statement of what was still the task of material culture

Naomi Klein фото

„Thoroughly to teach another is the best way to learn for yourself.“

—  Tryon Edwards American theologian 1809 - 1894
A Dictionary of Thoughts, 1891, p. 562.

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Harold Innis фото
A.A. Milne фото
Edward Hirsch фото

„The line is a way of thinking in poetry, by poetry.. it paces the poem.“

—  Edward Hirsch 1950
'Five points' vol 4 no 2 Georgia State University Press Winter 2000

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Robert Frost фото

„Poetry is a way of taking life by the throat.“

—  Robert Frost American poet 1874 - 1963
1960s, As quoted in Robert Frost: the Trial by Existence (1960) by Elizabeth S. Sergeant, Ch. 18

Xu Yuanchong фото

„The best way to regain poetry is to recreate it.“

—  Xu Yuanchong Translator of Chinese poetry 1921
300 Tang Poems: A New Translation (1987), p. xxi

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Albert Einstein фото

„Pure mathematics is in its way the poetry of logical ideas.“

—  Albert Einstein German-born physicist and founder of the theory of relativity 1879 - 1955
1930s, Obituary for Emmy Noether (1935), Context: Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas. One seeks the most general ideas of operation which will bring together in simple, logical and unified form the largest possible circle of formal relationships. In this effort toward logical beauty spiritual formulas are discovered necessary for the deeper penetration into the laws of nature.

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„Poetry must find ways of breaking distance.“

—  Giannina Braschi, book Yo-Yo Boing!
Yo-Yo Boing! (Spanglish novel, 1998), Context: If I respected languages like you do, I wouldn't write at all. El muro de Berlín fue derribado. Why can't I do the same? Desde la torre de Babel, las lenguas han sido siempre una forma de divorciarnos del resto de la humanidad. Poetry must find ways of breaking distance. I'm not reducing my audience. On the contrary, I'm going to have a bigger audience with the common markets — in Europe — in America. And besides, all languages are dialects that are made to break new grounds. I feel like Dante, Petrarca and Boccaccio, and I even feel like Garcilaso forging a new language. Saludo al nuevo siglo, el siglo del nuevo lenguaje de América, y le digo adiós a la retórica separatista y a los atavismos.

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„Poetry is not a creed or dogma. It is a special way of speaking and listening.“

—  Dana Gioia American writer 1950
Interviews, "Paradigms Lost," interview with Gloria Brame http://www.danagioia.net/about/brame.htm, ELF: Eclectic Literary Forum (Spring 1995)

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