„This guy should never play football again. What is he doing on the football pitch?“

—  Арсен Венгер, Context: This guy should never play football again. What is he doing on the football pitch? I've gone along with the idea for a long time that to stop Arsenal, you have to kick Arsenal. I knew that was coming for a long time now. Martin Taylor, who injured Arsenal striker Eduardo. (23 February 2008) http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2008/feb/23/newsstory.birminghamcityfc

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Emmitt Smith фото

„Emmitt Smith is in a position, in my opinion, where he should be the highest-paid running back in football. He's a guy who has gone out and led the league in rushing and been productive.“

—  Emmitt Smith American football player and sports broadcaster 1969
Troy Aikman — reported in Ed Werder (August 19, 1993) "Aikman: Smith should be top-paid runner", The Dallas Morning News, p. 8B.

Courtney Love фото

„I didn't know it was such a guy's job. It's like playing football in high heels and lipstick; no wonder it smears.“

—  Courtney Love American punk singer-songwriter, musician, actress, and artist 1964
On being a woman in rock, The Independent https://www.independent.ie/entertainment/music/it-still-feels-like-love-courtneys-back-26344406.html (13 January 2008)

Jaco Pastorius фото
Dmitri Shostakovich фото

„Football is the ballet of the masses.“

—  Dmitri Shostakovich Russian composer and pianist 1906 - 1975

George Graham фото
Alfredo Di Stéfano фото
Lee Evans (comedian) фото
Raúl González фото
Jean Paul Sartre фото

„In football everything is complicated by the presence of the opposite team.“

—  Jean Paul Sartre French existentialist philosopher, playwright, novelist, screenwriter, political activist, biographer, and literary c... 1905 - 1980

Albert Camus фото

„All I know most surely about morality and obligations, I owe to football.“

—  Albert Camus French author and journalist 1913 - 1960
As quoted by Jean Noury (November 10, 1965); published in: Archives du Sénat français, Comptes rendus des débats, Volume 4, 1965, p. 1578 (PDF page 28) http://www.senat.fr/comptes-rendus-seances/5eme/pdf/1965/11/s19651110_1551_1598.pdf

Arsène Wenger фото

„In England, football is important for everybody.“

—  Arsène Wenger French footballer and manager 1949
22 November 1996

Rio Ferdinand фото
Helena Bonham Carter фото
Lionel Messi фото

„Ronaldo (Brazilian footballer) was my hero. He was the best forward I've ever seen. He was so fast that he could score a goal from nothing and he struck the ball better than anyone I've seen.“

—  Lionel Messi Argentine association football player 1987
Interview with FourFourTwo, 2012 http://www.fourfourtwo.com/news/messi-brazil-striker-ronaldo-my-hero

Clifford D. Simak фото

„There have been moments when I also wasn’t able to attach as much importance to football as it seemed to me I should.“

—  Clifford D. Simak American writer, journalist 1904 - 1988
“The Sitters” (p. 73); originally published in Galaxy Science Fiction, April 1958