„Streets are mine!“

—  Мануэль Фрага Ирибарне, Interior Ministry during social problems in Gasteiz
Мануэль Фрага Ирибарне фото
Мануэль Фрага Ирибарне
испанский политик и юрист, президент Хунты Галисии (1990—... 1922 - 2012

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Arthur Hugh Clough фото

„So in the sinful streets, abstracted and alone,
I with my secret self held communing of mine own.“

—  Arthur Hugh Clough English poet 1819 - 1861
Easter Day II http://whitewolf.newcastle.edu.au/words/authors/C/CloughArthurHugh/verse/poemsproseremains/easterdayii.html, l. 1-2 (1849).

 Plautus фото

„For what is yours is mine, and mine is yours.“

—  Plautus Roman comic playwright of the Old Latin period -254 - -184 до н.э.
Trinummus, Act II, sc. 2, line 47.

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Franz Liszt фото

„Brahms' Variations are better than mine, but mine were written before his.“

—  Franz Liszt Hungarian romantic composer and virtuoso pianist 1811 - 1886
As quoted in Arthur Friedheim and Alexander Siloti, Remembering Franz Liszt (1961) p. 138.

Anna Akhmatova фото

„Nothing I counted mine, out of my life,
is mine to take...“

—  Anna Akhmatova Russian modernist poet 1889 - 1966
Context: No use to fall down on my knees and beg for mercy's sake. Nothing I counted mine, out of my life, is mine to take...