„Philosophy is based on speculation, on logic, on thought, on the synthesis of what we know and on the analysis of what we do not know. Philosophy must include within its confines the whole content of science, religion and art.“

Источник: A New Model of the Universe (1932), p. 33
Контексте: Philosophy is based on speculation, on logic, on thought, on the synthesis of what we know and on the analysis of what we do not know. Philosophy must include within its confines the whole content of science, religion and art. But where can such a philosophy be found? All that we know in our times by the name of philosophy is not philosophy, but merely "critical literature" or the expression of personal opinions, mainly with the aim of overthrowing and destroying other personal opinions. Or, which is still worse, philosophy is nothing but self-satisfied dialectic surrounding itself with an impenetrable barrier of terminology unintelligible to the uninitiated and solving for itself all the problems of the universe without any possibility of proving these explanations or making them intelligible to ordinary mortals.

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Bertrand Russell фото

„Science is what we know, and philosophy is what we don't know.“

—  Bertrand Russell logician, one of the first analytic philosophers and political activist 1872 - 1970

1950s, Unpopular Essays (1950)

Karl Kraus фото

„Science is spectral analysis. Art is light synthesis.“

—  Karl Kraus Czech playwright and publicist 1874 - 1936

Half-Truths and One-And-A-Half Truths (1976)

Albert Schweitzer фото

„Any religion or philosophy which is not based on a respect for life is not a true religion or philosophy.“

—  Albert Schweitzer French-German physician, theologian, musician and philosopher 1875 - 1965

Letter to a Japanese Animal Welfare Society (1961)

Albert Einstein фото

„Philosophy is empty if it isn't based on science. Science discovers, philosophy interprets.“

—  Albert Einstein German-born physicist and founder of the theory of relativity 1879 - 1955

Источник: Attributed in posthumous publications, p. 98

Anaïs Nin фото

„We do not escape into philosophy, psychology, and art--we go there to restore our shattered selves into whole ones.“

—  Anaïs Nin writer of novels, short stories, and erotica 1903 - 1977

Источник: In Favor of the Sensitive Man and Other Essays

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel фото
Richard von Mises фото

„It has been asserted - and this is no overstatement - that whereas other sciences draw their conclusions from what we know, the science of probability derives its most important results from what we do not know.“

—  Richard von Mises Austrian physicist and mathematician 1883 - 1953

Second Lecture, The Elements of the Theory of Probability, p. 30
Probability, Statistics And Truth - Second Revised English Edition - (1957)

Miguel de Unamuno фото

„Science is what we do when we don't know what we're doing.“

—  Alvaro De Rujula 1944

Alvaro De Rujula, quoted in "Large Hadron Collider - The Search For The Higgs" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XbKZwXK-3c; this quote can be heard at approximately 3:55 to 4:15 in the video. It is important to note, it could be taken out of context. It implies that science is what we use when we do not know the answer to something.

Miguel de Unamuno фото

„Windelband, the historian of philosophy, in his essay on the meaning of philosophy (Was ist Philosophie? in the first volume of his Präludien) tells us that "the history of the word 'philosophy' is the history of the cultural significance of science." He continues: "When scientific thought attains an independent existence as a desire for knowledge, it takes the name of philosophy; when subsequently knowledge as a whole divides into its various branches, philosophy is the general knowledge of the world that embraces all other knowledge. As soon as scientific thought stoops again to becoming a means to ethics or religious contemplation, philosophy is transformed into an art of life or into a formulation of religious beliefs. And when afterwards the scientific life regains its liberty, philosophy acquires once again its character as an independent knowledge of the world, and in so far as it abandons the attempt to solve this problem, it is changed into a theory of knowledge itself." Here you have a brief recapitulation of the history of philosophy from Thales to Kant, including the medieval scholasticism upon which it endeavored to establish religious beliefs. But has philosophy no other office to perform, and may not its office be to reflect upon the tragic sense of life itself, such as we have been studying it, to formulate this conflict between reason and faith, between science and religion, and deliberately to perpetuate this conflict?“

—  Miguel de Unamuno 19th-20th century Spanish writer and philosopher 1864 - 1936

The Tragic Sense of Life (1913), Conclusion : Don Quixote in the Contemporary European Tragi-Comedy

Max Horkheimer фото
Albrecht Dürer фото

„The new art must be based upon science — in particular, upon mathematics, as the most exact, logical, and graphically constructive of the sciences.“

—  Albrecht Dürer German painter, printmaker, mathematician, and theorist 1471 - 1528

As quoted in Dictionary of Scientific Biography (1970 - 1990) edited by M Steck.

Northrop Frye фото
Lewis Mumford фото
Theodor W. Adorno фото

„By abstaining from all definite content, whether as formal logic and theory of science or as the legend of Being beyond all beings, philosophy declared its bankruptcy regarding concrete social goals.“

—  Theodor W. Adorno German sociologist, philosopher and musicologist known for his critical theory of society 1903 - 1969

Источник: Wozu noch Philosophie? [Why still philosophy?] (1963), p. 6

John Scotus Eriugena фото

„What, then, is it to treat of philosophy, unless to lay down the rules of the true religion by which we seek rationally and adore humbly God, who is the first and sovereign cause of all things? Hence it follows that the true philosophy is the true religion, and reciprocally that the true religion is the true philosophy.“

—  John Scotus Eriugena Irish theologian 810 - 877

Добавить примечание: (la) Quid est aliud de philosophia tractare, nisi verae religionis, qua summa et principalis omnium rerum causa, Deus, et humiliter colitur, et rationabiliter investigatur, regulas exponere? Conficitur inde, veram esse philosophiam veram religionem, conversimque veram religionem esse veram philosophiam.

De Divina Praedestinatione, ch. 1; translation from Kenelm Henry Digby Mores Catholici, vol. 8 (London: Booker & Dolman, 1837) p. 198.

Otto Neurath фото
Will Durant фото

„Every science begins as philosophy and ends as art.“

—  Will Durant, книга The Story of Philosophy

The Story of Philosophy (1926)

Robby Krieger фото

„In The Doors we have both musicians and poets, and both know of each other's art, so we can effect a synthesis.“

—  Robby Krieger American rock guitarist and songwriter 1946

Comment posted at his official website http://www.robbykrieger.com.
Контексте: In The Doors we have both musicians and poets, and both know of each other's art, so we can effect a synthesis. In the case of Tim Buckley or Dylan you have one man's ideas. Most groups today aren't groups. In a true group all the members create the arrangements among themselves.

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