„It is a pity for F1 to lose such a great champion, but the time to stop comes to everyone.“

—  Михаэль Шумахер, Gerhard Berger, Former Ferrari Formula One driver
Михаэль Шумахер фото
Михаэль Шумахер10
немецкий автогонщик Формулы-1 1969

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Colette фото

„The writer who loses his self-doubt, who gives way as he grows old to a sudden euphoria, to prolixity, should stop writing immediately: the time has come for him to lay aside his pen.“

—  Colette 1873-1954 French novelist: wrote Gigi 1873 - 1954
Speech on being elected to the Belgian Academy, as quoted in “Lady of Letters” Pt. 4, Earthly Paradise (1966) ed. Robert Phelps

Evander Holyfield фото

„I will not quit until I am a five-times world champion.“

—  Evander Holyfield American boxer 1962
" Holyfield wins and vows not to quit http://www.smh.com.au/news/sport/holyfield-wins-and-vows-not-to-quit/2007/07/01/1183228946187.html"; after defeating Lou Savarese June 30, 2007.

Michael Moorcock фото

„Destiny’s Champion,
Fate’s fool.
Eternity’s Soldier,
Time’s Tool.“

—  Michael Moorcock, книга Phoenix in Obsidian
Phoenix in Obsidian (1970), Book 3 “Visions and Revelations” Epigram (p. 394)

Albert Schweitzer фото
Saul Bellow фото
Albert Einstein фото
Jodi Picoult фото
Michael Johns фото

„The time has come to stop talking about the lessons of Vietnam, and to start talking about the lessons of Afghanistan.“

—  Michael Johns American businessman 1964
The Lessons of Afghanistan: Bipartisan Support for Freedom Fighters Pays Off," Policy Review, Spring 1987, by Michael Johns: Urging America to Discard its 'Vietnam Syndrome'

Will Rogers фото

„This would be a great time in the world for some man to come along that knew something.“

—  Will Rogers American humorist and entertainer 1879 - 1935
Daily telegrams, Daily Telegram #1611, Mr. Rogers Thinks Its Time That A Smart Man Came Along (21 September 1931)

Julian of Norwich фото
Robert Jordan фото
Fritz Leiber фото
Mark Twain фото
William Faulkner фото
Antonin Scalia фото

„Winning and losing, that's never been my objective. It's my hope that in the fullness of time, the majority of the court will is come to see things as I do.“

—  Antonin Scalia former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 1936 - 2016
2010s, NPR interview with Nina Totenberg ; as cited in Scalia: A Court of One https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Special:BookSources/1451611463, Bruce Allen Murphy, Simon & Schuster (2014), p. 374

Vincent Van Gogh фото
Rob Enderle фото

„2006, at least after August['s Vista release], will be great time for buyers and sellers of PC hardware and that has to be a good thing for everyone — except Apple.“

—  Rob Enderle American financial analyst 1954
Windows Vista: The Final Countdown Begins http://technewsworld.com/story/46149.html in Tech News World (19 September 2005)

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