„Don't ever call me mad, Mycroft. I'm not mad. I'm just… well,, that's all.“

—  Ффорде, Джаспер, книга The Eyre Affair

Источник: The Eyre Affair

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Donovan фото

„I'm just mad about Saffron
Saffron's mad about me“

—  Donovan Scottish singer, songwriter and guitarist 1946

Mellow Yellow (1966)
Контексте: I'm just mad about Saffron
Saffron's mad about me
I'm just mad about Saffron
She's just mad about me.

Sammy Cahn фото

„Call me irresponsible
Yes, I'm unreliable
But it's undeniably true
That I'm irresponsibly mad for you.“

—  Sammy Cahn American lyricist, songwriter, musician 1913 - 1993

Call me Irresponsible (1963)
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Paddy Chayefsky фото


—  Paddy Chayefsky American playwright, screenwriter and novelist 1923 - 1981

Howard Beale.
Network (1976)

Maureen Johnson фото

„I'm the last of the mad ones.“

—  Maureen Johnson writer from the USA 1973

Источник: The Name of the Star

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Nathaniel Lee фото

„They called me mad, and I called them mad, and damn them, they outvoted me.“

—  Nathaniel Lee British writer 1653 - 1692

Remark after being incarcerated in Bedlam for five years, as quoted in the Introduction of A Social History of Madness : The World Through the Eyes of the Insane (1987) by Roy Porter; also in "The Madness of King Jesus : Why was Jesus Put to Death, but his Followers were not?" by Justin J. Meggitt in Journal for the Study of the New Testament, Vol. 29, No. 4 (June 2007) http://jnt.sagepub.com/content/29/4/379.abstract.

Tim Burton фото

„Mad Matter: "Have I gone mad?"
Alice: "I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.“

—  Tim Burton American filmmaker 1958

Источник: Alice in Wonderland: Based on the Motion Picture Directed by Tim Burton

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Mr. T фото

„Don't make me mad, Arrr!“

—  Mr. T American actor and retired professional wrestler 1952

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The Notorious B.I.G. фото
Maureen Johnson фото

„I'm Keith," he said, "and you're… clearly mad, but what's your name?“

—  Maureen Johnson, книга 13 Little Blue Envelopes

Источник: 13 Little Blue Envelopes

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