„Painting is not very difficult when you don't know how; but when you know, oh! then, it's another matter.“

posthumous quotes

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Эдгар Дега фото
Эдгар Дега8
французский художник 1834 - 1917

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Nikita Khrushchev фото

„Don't you know how to paint? My grandson will paint it better! What is this? Are you men or damned pederasts? How can you paint like that? Do you have a conscience?“

—  Nikita Khrushchev First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union 1894 - 1971

Said to avant-garde artists Ely Bielutin and Ernst Neizvestny during a visit to their exhibition (1 December 1962)

George Moore (novelist) фото

„It does not matter how badly you paint so long as you don't paint badly like other people.“

—  George Moore (novelist) Irish novelist, short-story writer, poet, art critic, memoirist and dramatist 1852 - 1933

Источник: Confessions of a Young Man http://www.gutenberg.org/files/12278/12278-h/12278-h.htm (1886), Ch. 6.

Frank Stella фото

„If you don't know what Ad Reinhardt's) paintings are about, you don't know what painting is about [after Reinhardt's death in 1967].“

—  Frank Stella American artist 1936

Quote of 1967; as quoted in Abstract Expressionism, David Anfam, Thames and Hudson Ltd London, 1990
Quotes, 1960 - 1970

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Robert M. Pirsig фото

„You want to know how to paint a perfect painting? It's easy. Make yourself perfect and then just paint naturally.“

—  Robert M. Pirsig, книга Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Источник: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values

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Arshile Gorky фото

„You know how fussy and particular I am in painting. I am ever removing the paint and repainting the spot until I am completely exhausted.“

—  Arshile Gorky Armenian-American painter 1904 - 1948

Источник: posthumous, Movements in art since 1945, p. 15: (in Gorky Memorial Exhibition, Schwabacher pp. 12)

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Gerhard Richter фото
Giorgio Morandi фото

„He [ Jackson Pollock ] just jumps in before he knows how to swim. [when Morandi sees paintings of Pollock for the first time]“

—  Giorgio Morandi Italian painter 1890 - 1964

in Morandi 1894 – 1964, published by Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna, ed: M. C. Bandera & R. Miracco - 2008; p. 298
1945 - 1964

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Bram van Velde фото

„We don't make mistakes; we just have happy accidents. And that's when you really experience the joy of painting.“

—  Bob Ross American painter, art instructor, and television host 1942 - 1995

Bob Ross: Beauty Is Everywhere. Collection 1: Ep. 8 "Wintertime Blues"; The Joy of Painting Season 20: Episode 3 Bob Ross: Winter in Pastel.

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