„I believe in using words, not fists… I believe in my outrage knowing people are living in boxes on the street. I believe in honesty. I believe in a good time. I believe in good food. I believe in sex.“

—  Бертран Рассел, No known source; also attributed to Susan Sarandon.
Бертран Рассел фото
Бертран Рассел148
британский философ, логик и общественный деятель 1872 - 1970

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„I rarely believe anything, because at the time of believing I am not really there to believe.“

—  Gertrude Stein American art collector and experimental writer of novels, poetry and plays 1874 - 1946
Ch. 3

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„I believe in the separation of sex and state.“

—  Ellen Willis writer, activist 1941 - 2006
Context: I believe in the separation of sex and state. I also believe that social benefits like health insurance should not be privileges bestowed by marital status but should be available to all as individuals. Marriage, in the sense of a ceremonial commitment of people to merge their lives, is properly a social ritual reflecting religious or personal conviction, and should not have legal status. "Sanctity" is a religious category that is, or ought to be, irrelevant to secular law. The purpose of civil unions should be to establish parental rights and responsibilities, grant next-of-kin status for such purposes as medical decisions and insure equity in matters of property distribution and taxes. Such unions should be available to any two — or more — adults, regardless of gender. From "Can Marriage Be Saved: A Forum", The Nation (5 July 2004) http://web.archive.org/web/20060908135418/http://www.thenation.com/doc/20040705/forum2

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„I believe more in the goodness of bad people than i do in the badness of good people.“

—  Elbert Hubbard American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher fue el escritor del jarron azul 1856 - 1915
p. 18.

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„I don't know that I believe in the supernatural, but I do believe in miracles, and our time together was filled with the events of magical unlikelihood.“

—  John Perry Barlow American poet and essayist 1947
Context: I don't know that I believe in the supernatural, but I do believe in miracles, and our time together was filled with the events of magical unlikelihood. I also believe that angels, or something like them, sometimes live among us, hidden within our fellow human beings. I'm convinced that such an angel dwelled in Cynthia. I felt this presence often in Cynthia's lightness of being, in her decency, her tolerance, her incredible love. I never heard Cynthia speak ill of anyone nor did I ever hear anyone speak ill of her. She gave joy and solace to all who met her.

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