„Everything begins with a decision. Then, we have to manage that decision for the rest of your life.“

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American author, speaker and pastor 1947

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„Management manages by making decisions and by seeing that those decisions are implemented.“

—  Harold Geneen American businessman 1910 - 1997

Managing, Chapter Four (Two Organizational Structures), p. 69.

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„It's vitally important that as manager you make decisions.“

—  Phil Brown (footballer) English association football player and manager 1959

20-Jan-2006, DCFC website
Brown, management guru.

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„To those thirteen-hour-a-day managers who lead people and make decisions.“

—  Wheeler L. Baker President of Hargrave Military Academy 1938

Crisis Management: A Model For Managers (1993)

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„A management decision is irresponsible if it risks disaster this year for the sake of a grandiose future.“

—  Peter F. Drucker American business consultant 1909 - 2005

Источник: 1960s - 1980s, MANAGEMENT: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices (1973), Part 1, p. 43

„Policy-making, decision-taking, and control: These are the three functions of management that have intellectual content.“

—  Anthony Stafford Beer British theorist, consultant, and professor 1926 - 2002

Источник: Management Science (1968), Chapter 1, Processes and Policies, p. 10.

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„This is the time we have to make a decision (to replace Hung Hsiu-chu as the KMT candidate for 2016 ROC presidential election), and it is a decision we have to make.“

—  Eric Chu Taiwanese politician 1961

Eric Chu (2015) cited in " KMT passes proposal to revoke nomination of presidential candidate http://focustaiwan.tw/news/aipl/201510140019.aspx" on Focus Taiwan, 14 October 2015.

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