Цитаты Рапопорт, Анатолий Борисович

„It is misleading in a crucial way to view information as something that can be poured into an empty vessel, like a fluid or even energy.“

—  Anatol Rapoport

Anatol Rapoport (1956) "The Promise and Pitfalls of Information Theory"; AS quoted in: Peter Corning (2010) Holistic Darwinism, p. 364

„In the US. Infantry Manual published during World War II, the soldier was told what to do if a live grenade fell into the trench where he and others were sitting: to wrap himself around the grenade so as to at least save the others.“

—  Anatol Rapoport

If no one "volunteered," all would be killed, and there were only a few seconds to decide who would be the hero.
Anatol Rapoport (1988), quoted in: William Poundstone (2011) Prisoner's Dilemma. p. 203
1970s and later

„The outstanding feature of behavior is that it is often quite easy to recognize but extremely difficult or impossible to describe with precision.“

—  Anatol Rapoport

Anatol Rapoport, "An Essay on Mind". Reprinted in Toward Definition of Mind (Jordan Ma Scher, editor). Glencoe, Illinois: Free Press, 1962. p. 92

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