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Алан Эйкборн

Дата рождения: 12. Апрель 1939

Сэр Алан Эйкборн — популярный английский драматург.

Является многократным лауреатом различных наград и премий , командор ордена Британской империи , автор 72 пьес и более 20 книг для детей. Wikipedia

Цитаты Алан Эйкборн

„Plays by Alan Ayckbourn have been attracting larger audiences in the regional theatres than those of Shakespeare.“

—  Alan Ayckbourn

Press release by the Arts Council of Great Britain, November 2, 1983.
This is said to be the source of the common, but unsubstantiated, statement that Ayckbourn is the second most performed playwright after Shakespeare. http://biography.alanayckbourn.net/BiographyFAQPopularity.htm

„Few women care to be laughed at and men not at all, except for large sums of money.“

—  Alan Ayckbourn

Preface to The Norman Conquests (New York: Grove Press, [1975] 1988) p. 11.

„The darker the subject, the more light you must try to shed on the matter. And vice versa.“

—  Alan Ayckbourn

The Crafty Art of Playwriting (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2003) p. 3.

„A comedy is just a tragedy interrupted, I once said. Do you finish with the kiss or when she opens her eyes to tell him she loves him and sees blonde hairs on his collar?“

—  Alan Ayckbourn

"A Crash Course in Playwriting" (1993) http://education.alanayckbourn.net/EducationInterviewsPlaywriting.htm.

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