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Алек Гиннесс

Дата рождения: 2. Апрель 1914
Дата смерти: 5. Август 2000
Другие имена: Alec Guiness

Сэр Алек Ги́ннесс — британский актёр театра и кино. В 1958 году был удостоен премии «Оскар» за лучшую мужскую роль в эпическом военном блокбастере «Мост через реку Квай», а спустя два десятилетия Гиннессу была вручена почётная статуэтка за жизненный вклад в мировое киноискусство в течение долгой и успешной актёрской карьеры.

„Лучше играть перед пустыми креслами, чем перед пустыми лицами.“

„Лишь немногие из тех, кого мучает кашель, идут к врачу. Остальные идут в кинотеатр.“

„Когда народ уже не хочет читать своих поэтов, он воздаёт им почести.“

„A refurbishedis on somewhere or everywhere. I have no intention of revisiting any galaxy. I shrivel inside each time it is mentioned. Twenty years ago, when the film was first shown, it had a freshness, also a sense of moral good and fun. Then I began to be uneasy at the influence it might be having. The first bad penny dropped in San Francisco when a sweet-faced boy of twelve told me proudly that he had seenover a hundred times. His elegant mother nodded with approval. Looking into the boy's eyes I thought I detected little star-shells of madness beginning to form and I guessed that one day they would explode.

'I would love you to do something for me,' I said.

'Anything! Anything!' the boy said rapturously.

'You won't like what I'm going to ask you to do,' I said.

'Anything, sir, anything!'

'Well,' I said, 'do you think you could promise never to seeagain?'

He burst into tears. His mother drew herself up to an immense height. 'What a dreadful thing to say to a child!' she barked, and dragged the poor kid away. Maybe she was right but I just hope the lad, now in his thirties, is not living in a fantasy world of secondhand, childish banalities.“
A Positively Final Appearance

„An actor is no more than an assortment of odds and ends which barely add upp to a whole man. An actor is an interpreter of other men's words, often a soul which wishes to to reveal itself to the world but dare not, a craftsman, a bag of tricks, a vanity bag, a cool observer of mankind, a child, and at his best a kind of unfrocked priest who for an hour or two, can call on heacen and hell to mesmerise a group of innocents.“

„The point of a knighthood for British actors is to enable them to play butlers.“ A Commonplace Book

„I neither suffer myself, nor other fools, gladly.“ A Commonplace Book

„Much water has flown under Tiber's bridges, carrying away splendour and mystery from Rome, since the pontificate of Pius XII. The essentials, I know, remain firmly entrenched and I find the post-Conciliar Mass simpler and generally better than the Tridentine; but the banality and vulgarity of the translations which have ousted the sonorous Latin and little Greek are of a super-market quality which is quite unacceptable. Hand-shaking and embarrassed smiles or smirks have replaced the older courtesies; kneeling is out, queueing is in, and the general tone is rather like a BBC radio broadcast for tiny tots (so however will they learn to put away childish things?) The clouds of incense have dispersed, together with many hidebound, blinkered and repressive attitudes, and we are left with social messages of an almost over-whelming progressiveness. The Church has proved she is not moribund. ‘All shall be well,’ I feel, ‘and all manner of things shall be well,’ so long as the God who is worshipped is the God of all ages, past and to come, and not the idol of Modernity, so venerated by some of our bishops, priests and mini-skirted nuns.“ Blessings in Disguise

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