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Алексис Ципрас

Дата рождения: 28. Июль 1974


Але́ксис Ци́прас — левый греческий политик, председатель партии «Синаспизмос» и лидер коалиции радикальных левых . С 26 января 2015 года по настоящее время премьер-министр Греции, с 20 августа 2015 года по 27 августа 2015 года исполняющий обязанности.

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„I want to be honest with you. We did not achieve the agreement we expected before the January elections... I feel the deep ethical and political responsibility to put to your judgment all I have done, successes and failures.“

— Alexis Tsipras
As quoted in "[http://www.investing.com/news/economy-news/greek-pm-tsipras-to-resign-on-thursday:-government-official-356905 Tsipras resigns, paving way for snap Greek election]", Investing.com (20 August 2015).

„Sophocles taught us that the greatest of all human laws is justice… and I think that is something we have to remember.“

— Alexis Tsipras
As quoted in "[http://www.ibtimes.com/greek-prime-minister-tsipras-quotes-sophocles-what-do-ancient-greek-playwrights-1999857 Greek Prime Minister Tsipras Quotes Sophocles: What Do Ancient Greek Playwrights And Philosophers Say About Debt?]", ibtimes.com (08 July 2015).

„What's needed is patience and composure. The bank deposits of the Greek people are fully secure. The same applies to the payment of wage and pension — they are also guaranteed.“

— Alexis Tsipras
As quoted in "[http://www.businessinsider.com/alexis-tsipras-quotes-fdr-tries-to-calm-greek-citizens-2015-6 Greece's prime minister — seeking to calm Greek citizens — quotes FDR: 'The only thing to fear is fear itself']" businessinsider.com (28 June 2015).

„We don't claim that there is plenty of money. Greek people are not asking for money. They are asking for work and the ability to make a living.“

— Alexis Tsipras
As quoted in [http://www.upi.com/Business_News/2012/06/02/Debt-debate-veers-with-Greek-polls-close/UPI-30991338654675/ "Debt debate veers with Greek polls close" (UPI), 2 June 2012.]

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