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Бетти Фридан

Дата рождения: 4. Февраль 1921
Дата смерти: 4. Февраль 2006

Бетти Фридан — одна из лидеров американского феминизма.

Родилась в еврейской семье. Фридан выступала за полное полноправие женщин, от равной с мужчинами заработной платы до участия в политической жизни страны, и отмену запрета на аборты. В 1966 году Фридан создала Национальную организацию женщин США и стала её президентом.

„Мужчина – не враг нам, а друг по несчастью. Настоящий враг – это самоуничижение женщин.“

„Фрейд — это старая дева пуританской закваски, которой всюду мерещится секс.“

„Ни одна женщина не получает оргазм от полирования кухонного пола.“

„Рекламный идеал женщины: молоденькая блондинка с лицом, не обезображенным интеллектом.“

„No woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor.“

„Aging is not 'lost youth' but a new stage of opportunity and strength.“

„It is easier to live through someone else than to complete yourself. The freedom to lead and plan your own life is frightening if you have never faced it before. It is frightening when a woman finally realizes that there is no answer to the question 'who am I' except the voice inside herself.“

„Each suburban wife struggles with it alone. As she made the beds, shopped for groceries, matched slipcover material, ate peanut butter sandwiches with her children, chauffeured Cub Scouts and Brownies, lay beside her husband at night- she was afraid to ask even of herself the silent question-- 'Is this all?“ The Feminine Mystique

„The only way for a woman, as for a man, to find herself, to know herself as a person, is by creative work of her own.“ The Feminine Mystique

„Men are not the enemy, but the fellow victims. The real enemy is women's denigration of themselves.“

„In almost every professional field, in business and in the arts and sciences, women are still treated as second-class citizens. It would be a great service to tell girls who plan to work in society to expect this subtle, uncomfortable discrimination--tell them not to be quiet, and hope it will go away, but fight it. A girl should not expect special privileges because of her sex, but neither should she "adjust" to prejudice and discrimination“ The Feminine Mystique

„You can have it all, just not all at the same time.“

„Chosen motherhood is the real liberation. The choice to have a child makes the whole experience of motherhood different, and the choice to be generative in other ways can at last be made, and is being made by many women now, without guilt.“ The Feminine Mystique

„What Friedan gave to the world was, "the problem that has no name." She not only named it but dissected it. The advances of science, the development of labor-saving appliances, the development of the suburbs: all had come together to offer women in the 1950s a life their mothers had scarcely dreamed of, free from rampant disease, onerous drudgery, noxious city streets. But the green lawns and big corner lots were isolating, the housework seemed to expand to fill the time available, and polio and smallpox were replaced by depression and alcoholism. All that was covered up in a kitchen conspiracy of denial...
[i]nstead the problem was with the mystique of waxed floors and perfectly applied lipstick.“
The Feminine Mystique

„Over and over again, stories in women's magazines insist that women can know fulfillment only at the moment of giving birth to a child. They deny the years when she can no longer look forward to giving birth, even if she repeats the act over and over again. In the feminine mystique, there is no other way for a woman to dream of creation or of the future. There is no other way she can even dream about herself, except as her children's mother, her husband's wife.“ The Feminine Mystique

„The feminists had destroyed the old image of woman, but they could not erase the hostility, the prejudice, the discrimination that still remained.“ The Feminine Mystique

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