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Ким Вичан — автор книги «Стратегия голубого океана», профессор, руководитель кафедры стратегического менеджмента бизнес-школы Insead , советник Европейского Союза, Малайзии и член Мирового экономического форума в Давосе. Входит пятерку «лучших мыслителей мира» . Печатался в самых рейтинговых изданиях мира, посвященных менеджменту.

Его книга «Стратегия голубого океана» была переведена на 41 язык и разошлась миллионным тиражом.

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„The document normally kicks off with a lengthy description of current industry conditions and the competitive situation. Next is a discussion of how to increase market share, capture new segments, or cut costs, followed by an outline of numerous goals and initiatives. A full budget is almost invariably attached, as are lavish graphs and a surfeit of spreadsheets. The process usually culminates in the preparation of a large document culled from a mishmash of data provided by people from various parts of the organization who often have conflicting agendas... Executives are paralyzed by the muddle. Few employees deep down in the company even know what the strategy is.“

— W. Chan Kim
p. 83-84 (2016 extended edition) As cited in: Paul R. Niven (2010). Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step. p. 99 Description of how an average strategic plan is being created. Kim further explains, that "... a closer look reveals that most plans don’t contain a strategy at all but rather a smorgasbord of tactics that individually make sense but collectively don’t add up to a unified, clear direction that sets a company apart—let alone makes the competition irrelevant. [p. 84]"

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