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Давенант, Уильям

Дата рождения: 1606
Дата смерти: 7. Апрель 1668


Уильям Давенант — английский писатель, поэт, драматург XVII века. Отец английского экономиста Чарльза Давенанта.

Цитаты Давенант, Уильям

„Since knowledge is but sorrow's spy,
It is not safe to know.“

— William Davenant
The Just Italian (licensed Oct. 2, 1629; printed 1630), Act v. Sc. 1. Compare: "From ignorance our comfort flows", Matthew Prior, To the Hon. Charles Montague; "Where ignorance is bliss, ’T is folly to be wise", Thomas Gray, Eton College, Stanza 10.

„For angling-rod he took a sturdy oake;
For line, a cable that in storm ne'er broke;
His hooke was such as heads the end of pole
To pluck down house ere fire consumes it whole;
The hook was baited with a dragon's tale,—
And then on rock he stood to bob for whale.“

— William Davenant
Britannia Triumphans (1637; licensed Jan. 8, 1638; printed 1638), p. 15. Compare: "For angling rod he took a sturdy oak; / For line, a cable that in storm ne'er broke;... His hook was baited with a dragon's tail,— / And then on rock he stood to bob for whale." From The Mock Romance, a rhapsody attached to The Loves of Hero and Leander, published in London in 1653 and 1677, republished in Chambers's Book of Days, vol. i. p. 173; Samuel Daniel, Rural Sports, Supplement, p. 57. "His angle-rod made of a sturdy oak; His line, a cable which in storms ne'er broke; His hook he baited with a dragon’s tail,— And sat upon a rock, and bobb'd for whale" William King (1663–1712), Upon a Giant’s Angling (in Chalmers's British Poets, ascribed to King).

„The assembled souls of all that men held wise.“

— William Davenant
Gondibert (1650), Book ii. Canto v. Stanza 37.

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