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Джеймс Морроу

Дата рождения: 17. Март 1947

Джеймс Морроу — американский писатель-фантаст. Лауреат международных премий в области фантастики Небьюла, Всемирной премии фэнтези и других.

Цитаты Джеймс Морроу

„In fact, there’s probably only one thing worse than not being able to understand a person.“

—  James K. Morrow

“What’s that?” asked Nimrod.
“Being able to understand him completely.”
"Bible Stories for Adults, No. 20: The Tower" p. 76 (originally published in Author’s Choice Monthly #8: Swatting at the Cosmos)
Short fiction, Bible Stories for Adults (1996)

„What do you want out of life, Francis Lostwax?“

—  James K. Morrow

Francis smiled. “To never hurt anybody again.” His lack of hesitation surprised him. “To feel clean.”
Chapter 27 (p. 314)
The Wine of Violence (1981)

„You want a motive, William? I’ve got a motive. Vengeance may not be a pretty word, but it’s what’s expected of us.“

—  James K. Morrow

“Right!” said Sverre. “We owe it to all those millions of dead people to make more millions of dead people. Be careful how you rewrite strategic doctrine, General, or you’ll come out of this war without a single medal.”
Chapter 7, “In Which Our Hero Makes a Strategic Decision and Acquires a Reason Not to Curse God and Die” (p. 80)
This Is the Way the World Ends (1986)

„Don’t believe everything you hear about hell. Next time you run into some anti-hell propaganda, consider the source.“

—  James K. Morrow, книга Only Begotten Daughter

“You inflict eternal punishment on people,” Julie countered.
“Merely because it’s our job. And remember, we persecute only the guilty, which puts us one up on most other institutions.”
Chapter 9 (p. 162)
Only Begotten Daughter (1990)

„My own preliminary diagnosis is that I am out of my skull and getting farther from its vicinity every day.“

—  James K. Morrow

"Diary of a Mad Deity" p. 191 (originally published in Synergy: New Science Fiction, Number 2, edited by George Zebrowski)
Short fiction, Bible Stories for Adults (1996)

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„Be sure to convict that chucklehead. He thinks a country’s Christianity is measured by the size of its thermonuclear arsenal.“

—  James K. Morrow

Chapter 13, “In Which the Prosecution’s Case Is Said to Be a Grin without a Cat” (p. 167)
This Is the Way the World Ends (1986)

„When a species fixates on the supernatural, it ceases to mature.“

—  James K. Morrow, книга Only Begotten Daughter

Chapter 6 (p. 118)
Only Begotten Daughter (1990)

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