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Джейн Фонда

Дата рождения: 21. Декабрь 1937


Дже́йн Се́ймур Фо́нда — американская актриса, модель, писательница, продюсер, общественная активистка и филантроп, дочь актёра Генри Фонды.

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„In this country the only way a minority can get anything done is to make a little noise.“

— Jane Fonda
Quotes from Women in the News, Associated Press/Gadsden Times, 15 March 1970. http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=BhIpAAAAIBAJ&sjid=mNYEAAAAIBAJ&pg=1902,1282871


„Women are not forgiven for aging. Robert Redford's lines of distinction are my old-age wrinkles.“

— Jane Fonda
Michael Perry. Jane's wrinkled but Fonda herself now. Sydney Morning Herald, 22 December 1985 http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=2a1WAAAAIBAJ&sjid=e-gDAAAAIBAJ&pg=5135,3817429

„I am saddened that I have been linked with her politically... I have disagreed with her on every issue, from the bottom of my toes“

— Jane Fonda
On Vanessa Redgrave, reported by Spartanburg Herald-Journal, 28 December 1979. http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=VW0sAAAAIBAJ&sjid=y80EAAAAIBAJ&pg=2069,7100074

„I don't think there's ever been such a clear choice between radicalism and moderation. I mean, we are dealing with a radical ideologue here.“

— Jane Fonda
On the 2004 Presidential election. Rebecca Traister. Enough with the vaginas! Salon, 15 September 2004 http://www.salon.com/life/feature/2004/09/15/ensler


„It's a lie. I agree with the military experts who say it's a quagmire.“

— Jane Fonda
On the Iraq War. Rebecca Traister. Enough with the vaginas! Salon, 15 September 2004 http://www.salon.com/life/feature/2004/09/15/ensler

„In the hyper-sensitized reality of the region in which any criticism of Israel is swiftly and often unfairly branded as anti-Semitic, it can become counterproductive to inflame rather than explain and this means to hear the narratives of both sides, to articulate the suffering on both sides, not just the Palestinians.“

— Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda expresses regret over film fest protest http://web.archive.org/web/20090924084738/http://www.google.com/hostednews/canadianpress/article/ALeqM5hbIn5EBVrgcVoM8z8WGshai3begA, by Cassandra Szklarski, September 14, 2009.

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