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Джимми Фэллон

Дата рождения: 19. Сентябрь 1974

Джеймс Томас Фэллон — американский актёр, комик, певец, музыкант и телеведущий. С 2014 года ведёт вечернее ток-шоу на NBC The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, ранее был известен как актёр юмористической передачи Saturday Night Live с 1998 по 2004 год, а также как ведущий шоу Late Night with Jimmy Fallon с 2009 по 2014 год.

„Работа комиков на ТВ — создавать впечатление, что Америка умеет думать.“

„Don't Keep reaching for the stars because you'll just look like an idiot stretching that way for no reason“

„Sometimes I wish I had a terrible childhood, so that at least I'd have an excuse.“

„Thank you leaf blowers, for making me look like the world's lamest Ghostbuster. I ain't afraid of no leaves.“ Thank You Notes

„We picked the Red Sox because they lose. If you root for something that loses for 86 years, you're a pretty good fan. You don't have to win everything to be a fan of something.“

„Thank you 'adults who wear back packs' for letting me know that I don't have to take you seriously“ Thank You Notes

„Thank you adult mittens, for allowing me to give people the finger without them knowing it.“ Thank You Notes

„Live your life by doing activities that are beneficial“ Snowball Fight!

„Thank you slow-walking family in front of me on the sidewalk. No, please, take your time. And definitely spread out, too, so you create a barricade of idiots. I am so thankful that you forced me to walk into the street and risk getting hit by a car in order to pass you so I could resume walking at a normal human pace.“

„Ben: You know what's really great about baseball?
Lindsey Meeks: Hmm?
Ben: You can't fake it. You know, anything else in life you don't have to be great in - business, music, art - I mean you can get lucky.
Lindsey Meeks: Really?
Ben: Yeah, you can fool everyone for awhile, you know? It's like - not - not baseball. You can either hit a curveball or you can't. That's the way it works...
Lindsey Meeks: Hmm.
Ben: You know?
Ben: You can have a lucky day, sure, but you can't have a lucky career. It's a little like math. It's orderly. Win or lose, it's fair. It all adds up. It's, like, not as confusing or as ambiguous as, uh...
Lindsey Meeks: Life?
Ben: Yeah. It's - it's safe.“

„Troy: Why do we inflict this on ourselves?
Ben: Why? I'll tell you why, 'cause the Red Sox never let you down.
Troy: Huh?
Ben: That's right. I mean - why? Because they haven't won a World Series in a century or so? So what? They're here. Every April, they're here. At 1:05 or at 7:05, there is a game. And if it gets rained out, guess what? They make it up to you. Does anyone else in your life do that? The Red Sox don't get divorced. This is a real family. This is the family that's here for you.“

„Ben: You're gonna get arrested.
Lindsey Meeks: You can't sell your tickets!
Ben: That's why you ran across the whole field?... Wait, you've got to tell me - was it spongy?“

„Life is like a clam, when it opens, you gotta grab the gooey stuff.“

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