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Джин Рис

Дата рождения: 24. Август 1890
Дата смерти: 14. Май 1979

Джин Рис , имя при рождении — Элла Гвендолин Рис Уильямс ; 21 августа 1890, Розо, Доминика — 14 мая 1979, Эксетер, гр. Девон, Великобритания — вест-индская и английская писательница, романистка и эссеистка.

„Мне часто хочется плакать. Это единственное преимущество, которое женщина имеет над мужчинами, — в крайнем случае она может расплакаться.“

„I like shape very much. A novel has to have shape, and life doesn't have any.“ Smile Please: An Unfinished Autobiography

„You can pretend for a long time, but one day it all falls away and you are alone. We are alone in the most beautiful place in the world...“ Wide Sargasso Sea

„Today I must be very careful, today I have left my armor at home.“ Good Morning, Midnight

„I would never be part of anything. I would never really belong anywhere, and I knew it, and all my life would be the same, trying to belong, and failing. Always something would go wrong. I am a stranger and I always will be, and after all I didn’t really care.“ Smile Please: An Unfinished Autobiography

„I hated the mountains and the hills, the rivers and the rain. I hated the sunsets of whatever colour, I hated its beauty and its magic and the secret I would never know. I hated its indifference and the cruelty which was part of its loveliness. Above all I hated her. For she belonged to the magic and the loveliness. She had left me thirsty and all my life would be thirst and longing for what I had lost before I found it.“ Wide Sargasso Sea

„There are always two deaths, the real one and the one people know about.“ Wide Sargasso Sea

„A room is, after all, a place where you hide from the wolves. That's all any room is.“ Good Morning, Midnight

„Blot out the moon,
Pull down the stars.
Love in the dark, for we're for the dark
So soon, so soon.“
Wide Sargasso Sea

„And what does anyone know about traitors, or why Judas did what he did?“ Wide Sargasso Sea

„Something came out from my heart into my throat and then into my eyes.“ Voyage in the Dark

„My life, which seems so simple and monotonous, is really a complicated affair of cafés where they like me and cafés where they don't, streets that are friendly, streets that aren't, rooms where I might be happy, rooms where I shall never be, looking-glasses I look nice in, looking-glasses I don't, dresses that will be lucky, dresses that won't, and so on.“ Good Morning, Midnight

„If I was bound for hell, let it be hell. No more false heavens. No more damned magic. You hate me and I hate you. We’ll see who hates best. But first, first I will destroy your hatred. Now. My hate is colder, stronger, and you’ll have no hate to warm yourself. You will have nothing.“ Wide Sargasso Sea

„All of writing is a huge lake. There are great rivers that feed the lake, like Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky. And then there are mere trickles, like Jean Rhys. All that matters is feeding the lake. I don't matter. The lake matters. You must keep feeding the lake.“

„We can't all be happy, we can't all be rich, we can't all be lucky - and it would be so much less fun if we were... There must be the dark background to show up the bright colours.“ Good Morning, Midnight

„Justice. I've heard that word. I tried it out. I wrote it down. I wrote it down several times and always it looked like a damn cold lie to me. There is no justice.“ Wide Sargasso Sea

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