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Edna Ferber

Дата рождения: 15. Август 1885
Дата смерти: 16. Апрель 1968
Другие имена: Edna Ferberová

Эдна Фарбер — американская писательница, сценарист и драматург. Лауреат Пулитцеровской премии за художественную книгу «So Big» , автор книги «Симаррон» и сценария одноименного фильма, удостоенного в 1931 трёх премий «Оскар». .

„Christmas isn't a season. It's a feeling. Рождество — не время года. Это чувство.“

„Ковард: Вы выглядите почти как мужчина.
Фербер: Вы тоже.“

„Life cannot defeat a writer who is in love with writing - for life itself is a writer's love until death.“

„But always, to her, red and green cabbages were to be jade and burgundy, chrysoprase and prophyry. Life has no weapons against a woman like that.“

„Only amateurs say that they write for their own amusement. Writing is not an amusing occupation. It is a combination of ditch-digging, mountain-climbing, treadmill and childbirth. Writing may be interesting, absorbing, exhilarating, racking, relieving. But amusing? Never!“

„It sounds so far away and different. I like different places. I like any places that isn't here.“ Gigolo

„Life can't ever really defeat a writer who is in love with writing, for life itself is a writer's lover until death – fascinating, cruel, lavish, warm, cold, treacherous, constant.“

„Big doesn't necessarily mean better. Sunflowers aren't better than violets.“

„Being an old maid is like death by drowning, a really delightful sensation after you cease to struggle.“

„Whoever said love conquers all was a fool. Because almost everything conquers love - or tries to.“ Giant

„For equipment she had youth, curiosity, a steel strong frame... four hundred ninety-seven dollars; and a gay adventuresome spirit that was never to die, though it led her into curious places and she often found, at the end, only a trackless waste from which she had to retrace her steps, painfully. But always, to her, red and green cabbages were to be jade and Burgundy, crysoprase and porphyry. Life has no weapons against a woman like that.“ So Big

„Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.“

„Any piece of furniture, I don't care how beautiful it is, has got to be lived with, and kicked about, and rubbed down, and mistreated..., and repolished, and knocked around and dusted and sat on or slept in or eaten off of before it develops its real character," Selina said.“ So Big

„A closed mind is a dying mind.“

„I never go to weddings. Waste of time. Person can get married a dozen times. Lots of folks do. Family like ours, know everybody in the state of Texas and around outside, why, you could spend your life going to weddings. But a funeral, that's different. You only die once.“ Giant

„Some day I'll probably marry a horny-handed son of a toil, and if I do it'll be the horny hands that will win me. If you want to know, I like 'em with their scars on them. There's something about a man who has fought for it - I don't know what it is - a look in his eye - the feel of his hand. He needn't have been successful - thought he probably would be. I don't know. I'm not very good at this analysis stuff. I know he - well, you haven't a mark on you. Not a mark. You quit being an architect, or whatever it was, because architecture was an uphill disheartening job at the time. I don't say that you should have kept on. For all I know you were a bum architect. But if you had kept on - if you had loved it enough to keep on - fighting, and struggling, and sitcking it out - why, that fight would show in your face to-day - in your eyes and your jaw and your hands and in your way of standing and walking and sitting and talking. Listen. I'm not critcizing you. But you're all smooth. I like 'em bumpy.“ So Big

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