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Эдуард Далберг

Дата рождения: 22. Июль 1900
Дата смерти: 27. Февраль 1977

Эдуард Далберг — американский писатель.

Цитаты Эдуард Далберг

„Книга — это битва душ, а не война слов.“

„Woman is the most superstitious animal beneath the moon. When a woman has a premonition that Tuesday will be a disaster, to which a man pays no heed, he will very likely lose his fortune then. This is not meant to be an occult or mystic remark. The female body is a vessel, and the universe drops its secrets into her far more quickly than it communicates them to the male.“

„Nobody heard her tears; the heart is a fountain of weeping water which makes no noise in the world.“

„When one realizes that his life is worthless he either commits suicide or travels.“

„Bosch is great because what he imagines in color can be translated into justice.“

„There are men that are birds, and their raiment is trembling feathers, for they show their souls to everyone and everything that is ungentle or untutored or evil or mockery is as a rude stone cast at them, and they suffer all day long, or as Paul remarks they are slain every moment.“

„Let the bard from Smyrna catalogue Harma, the ledges and caves of Thaca, the milk-fed damsels of Achaia, pigeon-flocked Thisbe or the woods of Onchestus, I sing of Oak, Walnut, Chesnut, Maple and Elm Streets.“

„The greater part of your misogamy is venal; the other cause of your invective humbug is that you're a muggish homuncle who couldn't raise a flickering ember in a vagabond-laced mutton.“ The Olive Of Minerva: Or, The Comedy Of A Cuckold

„When the image of her comes up on a sudden—just as my bad demons do—and I see again her dyed henna hair, the eyes dwarfed by the electric lights in the Star Lady Barber Shop, and the dear, broken wing of her mouth, and when I regard her wild tatters, I know that not even Solomon in his lilied raiment was so glorious as my mother in her rags. Selah.“ Because I Was Flesh

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