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Эдвард Мунк

Дата рождения: 12. Декабрь 1863
Дата смерти: 23. Январь 1944


Э́двард Мунк — норвежский живописец и график, театральный художник, теоретик искусства. Один из первых представителей экспрессионизма. Его творчество повлияло на современное искусство. Творчество Мунка охвачено мотивами смерти, одиночества, но при этом и жаждой жизни.

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„From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity.“

— Edvard Munch
Quote in Sustainable Landscape Construction: A Guide to Green Building Outdoors (2007) by William Thompson and Kim Sorvig, p. 30


„At first when I saw [https://upload. wikimedia. org/wikipedia/commons/9/99/Edvard_Munch_-_The_sick_child_%281907%29_-_Tate_Modern. jpg 'The Sick Child'] [in his imagination] her pallid face and the vivid red hair against the pillow – I saw something that vanished when I tried to paint it. I ended up with a picture on the canvas which, although I was pleased with it, bore little relationship to what I had seen.... In the space of that year [1885 – 1886], scratching it out, just letting the paint flow, endlessly I tried to recapture what I had seen for the first time – the pale transparent skin against the linen sheets, the trembling lips, the shaking hands. I repainted the painting numerous times – scratched it out – let it become blurred in the medium – and tried again and again to catch the first impression – the transparent pale skin against the canvas – the trembling mouth – the trembling hands. I had done the chair [in which his sister Sophie had died] with the glass too often. It distracted me from doing the head. – When I saw the picture I could only make out the glass and the surroundings. – Should I remove it completely? – No, it had the effect of giving depth and emphasis to the head. – I scared off half the background and left everything in masses – one could now see past and across the head and the glass... I had achieved much of that first impression, the trembling mouth – the transparent skin – the tired eyes – but the picture was not finished in its colour – it was pale grey – the picture was then heavy as lead. [Munch showed the painting on the Autumn Exhibition 18 October 1886; it was criticized severely, even by his bohemian art-friend Jager]“

— Edvard Munch
Quote in 'Livsfrisen tilblivelse', Blomqvist, Oslo 1929, p. 9

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