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Ежи Гротовский

Дата рождения: 11. Август 1933
Дата смерти: 14. Январь 1999

Е́жи Грото́вский — польский театральный режиссёр, педагог, теоретик театра.

Цитаты Ежи Гротовский

„Что-то выдающееся может совершить только больной человек, потому что эталон здоровья — корова.“

„Why do we sacrifice so much energy to our art?

Not in order to teach others but to learn with them what our existence, our organism, our personal and repeatable experience have to give us; to learn to break down the barriers which surround us and to free ourselves from the breaks which hold us back, from the lies about ourselves which we manufacture daily for ourselves and for others; to destroy the limitations caused by our ignorance or lack of courage; in short, to fill the emptiness in us: to fulfill ourselves... art is a ripening, an evolution, an uplifting which enables us to emerge from darkness into a blaze of light.“

„If you want to create a masterpiece, you must always avoid beautiful lies.“

„I wasnt political in order to be political“

„So always avoid banality. That is, avoid illustrating the author's words and remarks. If you want to create a true masterpiece you must always avoid beautiful lies: the truths on the calender under each date you find a proverb or saying such as: "He who is good to others will be happy." But this is not true. It is a lie. The spectator, perhaps, is content. The spectator likes easy truths. But we are not there to please or pander to the spectator. We are here to tell the truth.“

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