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Филип Ридли

Дата рождения: 29. Декабрь 1964

Фи́лип Ри́дли — британский драматург. Также пишет прозу для детей и взрослых, сочиняет стихи и песни, сценарии, снимает фильмы, выставляется как фотограф и художник. За такую разносторонность был назван «культурной революцией в одном лице», а по собственному определению является «рассказчиком».

„Так мы и блуждаем по жизни, вцепившись в вещи: фотографии, одежду, письма, локоны, открытки. Беда только, что всё это ни к чему. Жизнь сама становится не больше, чем этот мусор. У тебя есть всё, что напоминает о жизни, но ты и не жил по настоящему.“

„When we are born we are magical and loving and full of wonder. But darkness and ignorance surround us at every corner. Until the day someone calls us a monster or a devil and we believe them.“ In the Eyes of Mr Fury

„The way you see yourself is important, you see. It's as if you carve yourself out of your own interpretation. And so I became the name I was called.“ In the Eyes of Mr Fury

„I love you so much I could burst into flames.“

„Slit my skull open. Know what it'll be like? Like slitting open the guts of a great white shark. Stuff'll come out like you wouldn't fucking believe.“ Mercury Fur

„Darwin got it all wrong, you see. Fitness has nothing to do with it. It's survival of the sickest. That's all.“ The Pitchfork Disney

„And I thought, I am in love. For the first time I am in love. And loved. Someone loves me. And I love them. And within me things clicked and whirled like the insides of some gigantic clock, cog against wheel, spring against spiral, tick against tock, and I knew that nothing would ever be the same again. I had shown someone what I really was. I had shown someone my truth, my secret. Out there, beyond the walls of the Castle, there was a boy who had seen inside my chrysalis. And I would never be safe again.“

„When the Devil gets bored he tells stories to his bats and these bats fly to us and give us these stories as nightmares.“ In the Eyes of Mr Fury

„We live our lives between magic and panic.“ In the Eyes of Mr Fury

„I heard a baby cry. And this blood-splattered thing was put in my arms. My child. And, at that moment, it was like a gigantic plug appeared and - POW! - I was plugged into humanity in a way I'd never been before. Never could be. I was part of all mothers and all births from the beginning of time. I was a woman in a mud hut in Africa, in an igloo in the Arctic, a wigwam in America, a cave, a skyscraper, a spaceship. I was part of a flow and that flow was blood“

„We're all as bad as each other. All hungry little cannibals at our own cannibal party. So fuck the milk of human kindness and welcome to the abattoir!“ The Fastest Clock in the Universe

„We're like... like dinosaurs bedazzled by all the pretty lights in the sky, too fucking stupid to realise it's a comet getting closer and closer.“ Shivered

„No one has the ability to laugh at their misfortunes like the women of the East End.“ Ghost from a Perfect Place

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