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Фома Кемпийский

Дата рождения: 1380
Дата смерти: 25. Июль 1471
Другие имена: Thomas Kempenský

Фома Кемпи́йский — немецкий католический монах, средневековый августинский регулярный каноник, переписчик, писатель и мистик, предполагаемый автор известного трактата «О подражании Христу» , член духовного движения «Новое благочестие» и последователь Герта Грота и Флорентия, основателей течения «Братство общей жизни».

Цитаты Фома Кемпийский

„Если ты провел день в добрых делах, вечером ты всегда будешь испытывать радость.“

„Величайшим спокойствием сердца обладает тот, кто не заботится ни о похвалах, ни о хуле.“

„Если себя не можешь сделать таким, каким желаешь, как можешь сделать, чтобы другой был таков, как тебе угодно? Мы желаем, чтобы другие были совершенны, а своих недостатков не исправляем.“

„In omnibus requiem quaesivi, et nusquam inveni nisi in angulo cum libro.“

„Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be.“ The Imitation of Christ

„If God were our one and only desire we would not be so easily upset when our opinions do not find outside acceptance.“ The Imitation of Christ

„The more humble and obedient to God a man is, the more wise and at peace he will be in all that he does.“ The Inner Life

„Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of its trouble, attempts what is above its strength, pleads no excuse for impossibility, for it thinks all things are lawful for itself and all things are possible“

„A wise lover values not so much the gift of the lover as the love of the giver.“ The Imitation of Christ

„At the Day of Judgement we shall not be asked what we have read but what we have done.“ The Imitation of Christ

„Wherever you go, there you are.“ The Imitation of Christ

„All men desire peace, but very few desire those things that make for peace.“ The Imitation of Christ

„A book has but one voice, but it does not instruct everyone alike.“

„As long as you live, you will be subject to change, whether you will it or not - now glad, now sorrowful; now pleased, now displeased; now devout, now undevout; now vigorous, now slothful; now gloomy, now merry. But a wise man who is well taught in spiritual labor stands unshaken in all such things, and heeds little what he feels, or from what side the wind of instability blows.“ The Imitation of Christ

„Every time I catch myself trying to figure out other people's motives, I'll stop and ask myself: "What did I say or do that prompted the action? Why did I react to it as I did? Does what happened make a major difference to me, or am I making something big out of a trifle?"
Leave off that excessive desire of knowing; therein is found much distraction There are many things the knowledge of which is of little or no profit to the soul.“

„Jesus has now many lovers of the heavenly kingdom but few bearers of His cross.“ Imitation Of Christ

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