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Голдберг, Джона

Дата рождения: 21. Март 1969


Джона Голдберг — американский политолог, колумнист и публицист, главный редактор National Review Online.

Родился на Манхэттэне, в семье Сиднея Голдберга и Люсьен Голдберг . Мать была вовлечена в скандал с Моникой Левински и последующий импичмент Билла Клинтона.

Окончил Гаучер-колледж . В период обучения занялся журналистикой. Вскоре после окончания колледжа начал сотрудничать в Американском институте предпринимательства, работал продюсером программ по актуальным политическим вопросам на телевидении, а в 1998 году начал работать в «National Review» как колумнист и редактор.

В 2008 году вышла его книга «Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning», на седьмой неделе с момента публикации достигшая первой строчки в списке национальных бестселлеров по версии The New York Times. В 2013 году опубликовал свою вторую книгу — «The Tyranny of Cliches: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas».

Выступает в качестве комментатора на различных телеканалах консервативной направленности.

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Цитаты Голдберг, Джона


„Keeping Germany from acting too German (or at least too Prussian) is an important lesson of history.“

—  Jonah Goldberg
2010s, 2019, "Nationalism and Nationism" https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/nationalism-debate-nation-states/ (3 April 2019), National Review

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„“[Thanksgiving is] my favorite holiday, I think. It's without a doubt my favorite American Holiday. I love Christmastime, Chanuka etc. But Thanksgiving is as close as we get to a nationalist holiday in America (a country where nationalism as a concept doesn't really fit). Thanksgiving's roots are pre-founding, which means its not a political holiday in any conventional sense. We are giving thanks for the soil, the land, for the gifts of providence which were bequeathed to us long before we figured out our political system. Moreover, because there are no gifts, the holiday isn't nearly so vulnerable to materialism and commercialism. It's about things -- primarily family and private accomplishments and blessings -- that don't overlap very much with politics of any kind. We are thankful for the truly important things: our children and their health, for our friends, for the things which make life rich and joyful. As for all the stuff about killing Indians and whatnot, I can certainly understand why Indians might have some ambivalence about the holiday (though I suspect many do not). The sad -- and fortunate -- truth is that the European conquest of North America was an unremarkable old world event (one tribe defeating another tribe and taking their land; happened all the time) which ushered in a gloriously hopeful new age for humanity. America remains the last best hope for mankind. Still, I think it would be silly to deny how America came to be, but the truth makes me no less grateful that America did come to be. Also, I really, really like the food.“

—  Jonah Goldberg
2000s, 2004, "Thanksgiving" http://web.archive.org/web/20041126231505/http://www.nationalreview.com:80/thecorner/04_11_24_corner-archive.asp (24 November 2004), The Corner, National Review

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