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Graham Joyce

Дата рождения: 22. Октябрь 1954
Дата смерти: 9. Сентябрь 2014

Грэм Джойс — английский писатель, чьи произведения относятся к промежуточному жанру между хоррором, современным фэнтези и традиционной литературой. Четыре раза становился лауреатом Британской премии фэнтези.

„Wir, die wir einst herrlich waren. Wir fallen immer noch aus den Wolken.
Мы, которые были когда-то великолепные. Мы все еще далеки от облаков.
(«Правда жизни», Грэм Джойс)“
The Facts of Life

„Because two people in love don't make a hive mind. Neither should they want to be a hive mind, to think the same, to know the same. It's about being separate and still loving each other, being distinct from each other. One is the violin string one is the bow.“

„There is no "mid" about it. Lifea crisis from the cradle to the grave.“ How to Make Friends with Demons

„The trouble with forgiveness is that some people don't want to be forgiven.“ How to Make Friends with Demons

„Rationally speaking, blaming one's behavior on alcohol or drugs is like blaming the ladder by which you descended into a pit, or the staircase that took you down to a cellar, for what you found there.“ Some Kind of Fairy Tale

„But there are times in life when a door opens and you are offered a glimpse of the light on the water, and you know that if you don't take it, that door slams shut, and maybe forever. Maybe you fool yourself into thinking that you had a choice at all; maybe you were always going to say yes. Maybe refusing was no more a choice than is holding your breath. You were always going to breathe. You were always going to say yes.“ Some Kind of Fairy Tale

„What I mean is this: you meet someone, you think about them. You're already changing because of the way you think about them. You meet them again, you think about them some more, you're changing again. And on it goes. You are changing right now. Before my eyes.“ Some Kind of Fairy Tale

„Twenty years is, after all, a long time. We are not the same people we were. Old friends, lovers, even family members: they are strangers who happen to wear a familiar face. We have no right to claim to know anyone after such a distance.“ Some Kind of Fairy Tale

„The blood in my veins is frozen but it sings of love.“ The Silent Land

„They were an end-of-days couple, not naked in a garden but wrapped in layers in a snow-covered landscape where there were no more apples on the trees and women would no longer have to take the blame because the old lie had been covered over by snow.“ The Silent Land

„The thing is, when everyone is trying to persuade you that a thing you know to be true isn't actually true, you start to believe them: not because it is true but because it's easier. It's just the easy way out.“ Some Kind of Fairy Tale

„The modern superstition is that we're free of superstition.“ Some Kind of Fairy Tale

„The awesome silence of the place crept up on her. The spruce and pines, all still laden with snow, spread their limbs in a frozen ballet, breathing a ghostly incense from dark, arid chapels sheltered by their branches.“ The Silent Land

„Perhaps living souls had greater phantom powers than the dead.“ Some Kind of Fairy Tale

„The bluebells made such a pool that the earth had become like water, and all the trees and bushes seemed to have grown out of the water. And the sky above seemed to have fallen down on to the earth floor; and I didn’t know if the sky was the earth or the earth was water. I had been turned upside down. I had to hold the rock with my fingernails to stop me falling into the sky of the earth or the water of the sky. But I couldn’t hold on.“

„Why can’t our job here on earth be simply to inspire each other?“

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