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Ханна Мор

Дата рождения: 2. Февраль 1745
Дата смерти: 7. Сентябрь 1833

Ханна Мор — английская писательница, поэтесса и драматург, автор религиозных и морально-этических сочинений, филантроп.

Родилась в Стэплтоне, была младшей из пяти сестёр, обучалась в основанной старшими сёстрами школе-интернате. Свою первую пьесу написала в 1762 году, с 1773 года жила в Лондоне. За свою жизнь написала большое количество работ и художественных произведений — от трактатов о нравственности до пасторальных поэм и детских сказок. Наиболее известным её произведением считается книга Coelebs in search of a Wife. Большую известность получила также благодаря своей деятельности по улучшению условий жизни детей горнорудных районов, каждому из которых она стремилась обеспечить доступ к образованию.

Цитаты Ханна Мор

„Умение прощать спасает нас от гнева, ненависти и пустой растраты душевных сил.“

„Forgiveness is the economy of the heart.…forgiveness saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred, the waste of spirits.“

„Forgiveness spares the expense of anger, the cost of hatred, the waste of spirits.“

„Love never reasons but profusely gives...... gives like a thoughtless prodigal, it's all and trembles then, lest it has done too little.“

„Twas doing nothing was his curse. Is there a vice can plague us worse?“

„One kernel is felt in a hogshead; one drop of water helps to swell the ocean; a spark of fire helps to give light to the world. None are too small, too feeble, too poor to be of service. Think of this and act.“

„It's cheaper to pardon than to resent. Forgiveness saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred, and the waste of spirit.“

„Imagination frames events unknown,
In wild, fantastic shapes of hideous ruin,
And what it fears creates.“

„He seemed evidently more fond of controversy than of truth, and the whole turn of his conversation indicated that he derived his religious security rather from the adoption of a party, than from the implantation of a new principle.“ Coelebs in Search of a Wife

„I call education, not that which smothers a woman with accomplishments, but that which tends to consolidate a firm and regular system of character; that which tends to form a friend, a companion, and a wife. I call education not that which is made up of the shreds and patches of useless arts, but that which inculcates principles, polishes taste, regulates temper, cultivates reason, subdues the passions, directs the feelings, habituates to reflection, trains to self-denial, and, more especially, that which refers all actions, feelings, sentiments, tastes, and passions, to the love and fear of God.“ Coelebs in Search of a Wife

„I did not intend making a philippic against covetousness, a sin to which I believe no one here is addicted. Let us not, however, plume ourselves in not being guilty of a vice to which, as we have no natural bias so in not committing it, we resist no temptation. What I meant to insist on was, that exchanging a turbulent for a quiet sin, or a scandalous for an orderly one, is not reformation.“ Coelebs in Search of a Wife

„If the Almighty chose to establish his religion by miracles, he chooses to carry it on by means.“ Coelebs in Search of a Wife

„If I could see the abolition of slavery... I would sing mywith joy.“

„Just at that moment, Lucilla happened to cross the lawn at a distance. At sight of her, I could not, as I pointed to her, forbear exclaiming in the words of Sir John's favorite poet,

There doth beauty dwell,
There most conspicuous, e'en in outward shape,
Where dawns the high expression of a mind.

"This is very fine," said Sir John, sarcastically. "I admire all you young enthusiastic philosophers, with your intellectual refinement. You pretend to be captivated only with _mind_. I observe, however, that previous to your raptures, you always take care to get this mind lodged in a fair and youthful form. This mental beauty is always prudently enshrined in some elegant corporeal frame, before it is worshiped. I should be glad to see some of these intellectual adorers in love with the mind of an old or ugly woman. I never heard any of you fall into ecstasies in descanting on the mind of your grandmother.“
Coelebs in Search of a Wife

„Bible Christianity is what I love … a Christianity practical and pure, which teaches holiness, humility, repentance and faith in Christ; and which after summing up all the Evangelical graces, declares that the greatest of these is charity.“

„It should be held as an eternal truth, that what is morally wrong can never be politically right.“

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