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Лесли Стивен

Дата рождения: 28. Ноябрь 1832
Дата смерти: 22. Февраль 1904

Сэр Лесли Стивен — английский историк, писатель, литературный критик и альпинист, кавалер ордена Бани. Отец писательницы Вирджинии Вульф и художницы Ванессы Белл.

Цитаты Лесли Стивен

„Если в наши дни Вы хотите одновременно ничего не делать и быть респектабельным - лучше всего притвориться, будто Вы работаете над какой-то серьезной научной проблемой.“

„No good story is quite true.“

„No poetry lives which reflects only the cheerful emotions. Our sweetest songs are those which tell of saddest thought. We can bring harmony out of melancholy; we cannot banish melancholy from the world. And the religious utterances, which are the highest form of poetry, are bound by the same law. There is a deep sadness in the world.“

„God is angry with man. Unless we believe and repent we shall all be damned. It is impossible, indeed, for its advocates even to say this without instantly contradicting themselves. Their doctrine frightens them. They explain in various ways that a great many people will be saved without believing, and that eternal damnation is not eternal nor damnation.“ An Agnostic's Apology and Other Essays

„The Agnostic is one who asserts 'what no one denies' that there are limits to the sphere of human intelligence.“

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