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Лорин Хилл

Дата рождения: 26. Май 1975

Лорин Ноэль Хилл , род. 26 мая 1975 — американская исполнительница в стиле нео-соул, бывшая солистка коллектива The Fugees, которая к 25 годам выиграла восемь наград «Грэмми».

Цитаты Лорин Хилл

„Мы все хотим быть прощенными с той же силой, с какой не хотим прощать остальных.“

„Now don't you understand man universal law
What you throw out comes back to you, star
Never underestimate those who you scar
Cause karma, karma, karma comes back to you hard“

„A friend once said, and I found to be true, That everyday people, they lie to God too, So what makes you think, that they won't lie to you.“

„If everyone is a product of this society, who will say the things that need to be said, and do the things that need to be done, without compromise? Truth will never start out popular in a world more concerned with marketability than righteousness. It will initially suffer ridicule and even violence- yet ultimately it is undeniable. All of humanity is living in a dream world, but suffering real consequences.“

„We can't plan life. All we can do is be available for it.“

„See fantasy is what people want, but reality is what they need. And I just retired from the fantasy part.“

„Tomorrow is always another day to make things right.“

„I tried to manipulate and control people and I harbored resentment. I wanted to be forgiven but I wouldn't forgive others.“

„it could all be so simple, but you'd rather make it hard, loving you is like a battle, and we both end up with scars“ The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

„The only help I need to live, is unprofessional. The only wealth I have to give, is not material. And if you need much more than that, I'm not available.“

„Let me be patient, let me be kind, make me unselfish, without being blind, though I may suffer, I'll envy it not and endure what comes cause he is all that I got“

„The sweetest thing I've ever known was like the kiss on the collarbone, the soft caress of happiness, the way you walk, your style of dress, I wish I didn't get so weak, oh baby just to hear you speak, makes me argue just to see how much your in love with me“

„The only way to know is to Live, Learn, and Grow“

„I can give away everything I posses, but am without love, and I have no happiness“

„How you gone win, when you ain't right within? Uh-uh come again“

„No matter how I think we grow, you always seem to let me know it ain't working, and when I try to walk away you hurt yourself to make me stay, this is crazy“

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